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Brand engagement creators.
We are a branding agency, awarded both nationally and internationally. We act in crucial areas to the success of a brand–brand strategy, naming, brand design, brand content, brand experience, and user experience.

We are Shift Thinkers because looking at the world in a different way is what moves us.

Shift thinkers.
Margarida, Francisca, Sofia, Anabela, Miguel, Diogo, Ricardo, Ana, Pedro, Afonso, Patricia, Rita… We are a creative and multidisciplinary team with a solid experience in national and international projects.

The proactivity, originality and proximity with our clients is what distinguishes us. We work with national and international clients. Some of which are big companies, others are small. What do they all have in common? The great desire to make a difference.

Our oldest big client was also our first client, 22 years ago.

With work developed for more than 90 countries, the world is our starting point.

Effective brands
Brands that represent experiences build up in the minds and hearts of people. Created from a truly integrated offer which allows us to work without limitations.

The more you build your brand recognition, the more comfortable people are to shop with you.

With conviction and enthusiasm.
We are all about change and we act by connecting what is rational and what is creative, thus contributing in an objective and positive way to the success of our clients’ brands.

Our methodology:
BORN SPECIAL – create a personality and image for the brand.
BE RELEVANT – create the brand’s online and offline world.
STAY RELEVANT – create content and storytelling so the brand is dynamic and relevant, both online and offline, in order to offer good brand experiences and conquer a place in the heart of consumers

Rita Oliveira, founder of Shift Thinkers, has been a brand consultant for the Portuguese Blue Economy for more than 10 years.

We believe that the ocean is strategic for Portugal, and through Shift Mar, we support projects that are candidates for funds within the Blue Economy, through branding and online presence.

In 2013, we created the Voxmar Talks. This was the first event in Portugal which focused on the importance of the ocean, directed to the Portuguese population. In 2016, there was a new edition of the Talks, this time in the format of a radio program.

Shift thinkers

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