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Shift creates Human-Centered, actionable outcomes that are measurable, feasible, and business viable. We are comprised of cross-industry consultants and design leaders who have decades of experience in helping businesses solve the right problems, shape business strategy, and design “people-first” product and service experiences.

Over the past 50 years, our economy has shifted from being product-oriented to service-minded. Today’s leading businesses have taken this a step further, to experience-driven innovation. This new experience driven economy is emerging for both customers as well as the workforce responsible for defining and delivering the customer experience.

Many businesses already feel that they are customer-centered. The unfortunate reality, however, is that while 80% of companies believe that they are providing a superior experience to their customers, only 8% of those businesses’ customers agree. That false sense of security proves to be damning for many businesses. By 2016 only 60 of the original S&P Fortune 500 still existed. That equates to the death of one of the largest companies in the world every year over a 60-year period. Even more frightening is the fact that companies are dying at a much faster rate every year, and at the current rate, it is expected that half of the current S&P 500 will be replaced in the next 10 years. These are our “too big to fail” businesses, so imagine where that leaves mid to small businesses.

The bar has been raised, and as Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has said: “Yesterday’s wow quickly becomes today’s ordinary.” Companies that aren’t willing to commit to this new Human-Centered transformation have and will continue to fall victim to smaller, more nimble businesses or larger innovation oriented disruptors like Amazon and Google.

1.) Move from Inside-Out to Outside-In thinking.                                                                                                 Far too many businesses assess value internally, without understanding the impact to customers. Reframing the conversation from business goals to customer opportunities opens up a new world of competitive advantage.

2.) Leave behind product thinking.
No customer experience can be understood from a product-first mindset, whether that product is physical ordigital. Customer experiences happen in a nonlinear ecosystem that includes interpersonal interactions, human-to-digital interactions, physical environments, processes, etc. By understanding that these interactions are all a part of a unique and interwoven ecosystem, businesses are able to meet customer need with a well-equipped workforce and ultimately create organically healthy growth.

3.) Understand the value exchange.
Lean has long been a popular means of improving profitability by way of improving delivery processes. Lean still has a place in the new experience-driven economy, but Lean can’t provide a meaningful or lasting competitive advantage. In order to create a lasting competitive advantage, we have to find the intersection between what is desirable to customers, viable for businesses, and feasible to implement. It’s important to note that companies need to assess value in that exact order. Without focusing on the customer need first, businesses should not expect to last more than a handful of years, even with a highly controlled niche.

In short, Shift transforms businesses through Human-Centered innovation. Whether it be a company’s strategy, culture, product, or service, we create experiences that are business viable, feasible to execute, and desirable to real people.

Our team has deep experience changing the way businesses work. From shaping business strategy, to designing product and service experiences, we are united by a passion for Human-Centered innovation.

Shift Consulting

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