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An AI, data driven, cloud-based platform that helps companies drive diversity and inclusion

SheWorks! is an AI/data driven, cloud-based platform that helps companies drive diversity and inclusion by allowing them to hire women with flexible and remote work models and to implement work from home programs that work for women and fit their lifestyles.

Founded in 2017, SheWorks! was created from seeing the frustration of so many women forced to leave the workforce, the tremendous loss of talent worldwide, and the opportunity to deliver a solution using technology, transparency, and the principles of the on-demand economy to address the issue of gender unemployment. The SheWorks! Platform allows companies to connect with an international pool of certified professional women, while allowing them to effectively verify the hours and projects completed by providing tools and resources to monitor, manage, collaborate, and pay their distributed teams all in one place.

SheWorks! also recognizes that women need to manage their career on their own terms while learning new skills and continuing their education to stay competitive in the Gig economy. Via the SheWorks! Academy, we’re able to provide free training for women to earn credentials and be fully certified online training to distinguish themselves in the digital marketing world. This includes women who are looking to reenter the workforce, women who want to upgrade their current skills, and women who are just starting out and learning basic skills.

By partnering with leading companies such as Facebook, SAP, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Google, we’re able to offer 120+ available courses online. These courses can be completed any time, any place, and at whatever pace suits the woman enrolled. All courses that are completed and exams that are passed earn a digital badge which can be displayed on their SheWorks! profile and shared with any future employers as a reference on their resume.

In 2018, SheWorks! and EY announced a global partnership at the Labor Inclusion session at the W20 in NYC to join forces and attract more women into the workforce by creating 100,000 job opportunities for women by 2020. In addition, SheWorks! is proud of our accomplishments thus far being the only feature case study at the W20, recognized as the top initiative to address gender unemployment at a global scale.

We’re extremely passionate about empowering women to join the workforce; this is a worldwide movement; we see a global trend and an opportunity to make a difference. Today, SheWorks! represents women from 75 countries, helping them become financially independent and aligning our strengths: technology for transparency; equipping women with free education and skills while connecting them with remote and flexible jobs that allow them to work on their own terms wherever they are in the world!


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