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We are creating award-winning craft beers through the use of science

Here at Shades, we are creating award-winning craft beers through the use of science. Brewing is more than creating delicious recipes! The quality of the ingredients matter. We have elevated the quality of ingredients by creating proprietary super strains of yeast. Our brewmaster affectionately refers to himself as a “yeast farmer.”

We were able to secure a sample of ancient strains of Scandinavian yeast called Kveik. The yeast sample showed incredible potential but had some undesirable elements. We were able to isolate the various strains in the sample in our lab. We purified the yeast strains by examining and isolating the microorganisms. We then used the best strains to create our own proprietary yeast blend.

Kveik yeast not only ferments more quickly than commonly used yeast, but it gives off incredibly delicious aromas. Our proprietary blend of Kveik yeast has helped us create uniquely amazing tasting beers.

This year alone, we have won three gold medals in the toughest beer competitions. We believe when you pick up a beer for the first time, you should experience a new sensation; mark the moment. The moment shouldn’t feel like a slight variation on the next tap over.

Our beers give customers what they didn’t know they were missing. Unexpected, disruptive, or as we like to say a refined rebellion against the repetitious, routine brew.

When it comes to beer it’s okay for yeast to settle, but you shouldn’t have to.

Shades Brewing

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