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SeventySix Capital is a sports tech venture capital company led by Wayne Kimmel, Jon Powell and MLB superstar, Ryan Howard. The fund invests in passionate, smart and nice entrepreneurs who are launching game-changing tech startups in the sports, health and retail industries.

Since the company’s inception back in 1999 by Kimmel, the team held steadfast on certain philosophical principles on how and on whom the company’s funding would be spent.

“Our commitment to “smart and nice” is more than a philosophy, it’s a standard for how and where we invest ourselves and our capital: support good people with great ideas, contribute to business and the community and mentor the next generation of people hungry to change the world.”


SeventySix Capital is building the go-to venture capital platform for executives, influencers, and professional athletes, offering unique opportunities for them to invest in sports tech startups, and for entrepreneurs to access the financial and social capital that they have to offer.

SeventySix Capital’s Athlete Venture Group allows players to invest, learn, and work directly with top sports tech startups and entrepreneurs. The firm aims to bridge the gap between athletes, entrepreneurs, and investors by creating opportunities for athletes to become tech investors and for entrepreneurs to access the financial and social capital that professional athletes have to offer. Athlete Venture Group members, including Ryan Howard, DeMarco Murray, Ralph Sampson and Brian Westbrook, work hands-on with SeventySix Capital’s portfolio companies in esports, sports betting, data collection, data analytics, media and more.
Additionally, SeventySix Capital has a strategic partnership with Rubicon Talent, a sports marketing and talent agency based in New York City with a wide range of clients including NFL and NBA stars, Hall of Famers, MVPs, Heisman Trophy winners, Olympic icons, media personalities, and celebrity chefs.


SeventySix Capital is not only innovative in its ventures but also kind as they focus on giving back. As such, the company plays an active role in entrepreneurial and nonprofit organizations around the world. Inside the company’s walls, with academic partnerships, and alongside nonprofit organizations they build communities, transform industries and makes lives better.
Being a game changer is easy with SeventySix Capital, as they merge athletes with entrepreneurs and create tech company start-ups with a great advantage.

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