Our Mission Is To Help The World Finalize Business Faster By Removing Friction During The Agreement Process




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Our solution offers a platform that accelerates the process of collaborating on agreements, signing contracts utilizing electronic signatures and providing the easiest, most convenient way to pay. We may have finally replaced the fax machine and are swiftly on our way to automating many of the redundant and repetitive tasks around the agreement process.

In 2008, Sertifi was founded by two brothers who were frustrated with locating and signing agreements and were concerned about the security and compliance around the practices being used by businesses. Prior to Sertifi, agreements were created and sent electronically but could not be signed without printing, signing, and scanning the document. The brothers were quickly reminded of this arduous task while personally attempting to sign documents when away from their desk or travelling. There must be an easier way! Shortly after Sertifi rolled out our eSignature’s solution, we quickly realized that payments needed to be included to close the gap. When it came to payments, the practices were not secure leaving businesses open to possible fraudulent activity.

We very much believe that a strong competitive advantage for our customers is keeping one step ahead of their competition on the technology curve. As this is value that we commit to delivering for our customers, we at Sertifi have built innovation into all aspects of our organization including customer success, product development and our core values. Deploying new and innovative technologies is not without risk and as such we partner closely with our customers to ensure successful implementations by heavily investing in our customer success teams. As an example, when we first launched our eSignature’s solution, we needed to change behavior that existed for hundreds of years, signing documents by hand. To ensure success we partnered with our customers’ legal and compliance teams to ensure that any challenges to their contracts could be defended in a court of law.

Sertifi is based in Chicago, amongst a diverse set of industries including Industrial, Media, Hospitality, and so many others, which in turn produce their own set of diverse technology companies.

We continue to look forward to technologies that are just on the precipice of major breakthroughs for the business community, including blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual reality. At Sertifi, we are particularly excited about the role that AI will play in automating internal processes, as well as how blockchain will transform how agreements are managed and validated.

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