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Sentera is the market leader delivering in-season agricultural insights to growers that maximize yield, profitability, and help create a sustainable, secure global food supply.Crop scouting is essential for in-season crop management, but most methods are time-consuming and don’t provide an accurate whole-field picture. Sentera has developed faster and more accurate solutions to manage crops.

For over 5 years, growers and ag professionals have trusted Sentera to provide in-season, actionable crop-health insights, improving scouting efficiency and precision.

Our FieldAgent™ Platform—coupled with data from Sentera’s ag sensors, satellite imagery, weather and more—takes users beyond aerial photos and into actionable data with tangible economic value, like NDVI management zones, stand count, weed density mapping, and simple Rx generation.

Sentera is the in-season agronomic insights leader. Sentera’s integrated software and sensor products deliver fast, accurate information that improves outcomes for growers.

Our solutions integrate with virtually every digital agriculture platform, efficiently delivering critical measures of real-time crop performance directly into the tools that ag professionals already use.

From basic imagery, accurate NDVI, and Red Edge products, to the most sophisticated multispectral, thermal, and machine learning technologies, Sentera gives users cost-effective, high-performance tools to continuously improve their operations, on and off the field.

Founded in 2014 and based in Minneapolis, Sentera drives innovation with a team of science and engineering professionals in remote sensing, data science and data analytics.

They’re technical and business leaders with years of experience at Lockheed Martin, UTC Aerospace Systems–Collins Aerospace, and other world-class organizations.

The Sentera Difference

Sentera engineers an integrated set of software and sensor tools from the ground up to enable ag professionals to gather accurate, precise, and actionable whole-field data.

The data products can then be integrated with the digital platforms that ag professionals use to help growers achieve the best possible outcomes for their operations.

Our FieldAgent software platform is the easy-to-use, yet comprehensive hub that unifies our product line—mobile, web, and cloud-based software, sensors, and drones—behind a powerful user experience.

A single mobile app manages the entire data collection process in just a few taps, from flight planning to sensor management. The same simple process can be used whether a customer is using an entry-level sensor with a low-cost drone or our most sophisticated equipment and analytics on an industrial UAV platform.

FieldAgent’s web, desktop, and mobile tools provide in-field and cloud-based data visualization, exploitation, sharing, and collaboration tools.

FieldAgent’s data repository and APIs set the industry standard for simplified integration of sophisticated measures of crop performance.

Sentera offers integration support for virtually every major digital agriculture platform and in-field, space-based, equipment-based, and historical sources of data.

In addition to our standard products, Sentera provides very high-performance software and hardware solutions to some of the world’s largest seed, nutrition, and crop protection manufacturers.

These cutting-edge technical capabilities translate directly into superior performance and features for our consumer products.

The result: every Sentera customer receives accurate, precise, and actionable data—immediately at the field edge and as an integrated component of the full-scale digital platform they’re already using.

Sentera FieldAgent™

Sold in more than 53 countries, Sentera FieldAgent delivers insights derived from machine learning, computer vision, and other AI techniques at scale to agronomic professionals around the world.

Our platform delivers fast, accurate information, boosting productivity and lowering costs for growers and ag professionals.FieldAgent focuses on time-sensitive data collection and processing to drive in-field insights around weeds, disease, pests, nutrition, and seed performance.

From basic imagery to the most sophisticated multispectral, thermal, and machine-learning technologies, Sentera FieldAgent delivers cost-effective, high-performance tools to continuously improve operations, on and off the field.

FieldAgent manages tasks and workflows that integrate satellite and drone-based imagery, collects data, and integrates with broader digital platforms that see more frequent, more meaningful engagement because FieldAgent delivers a steady stream of time-sensitive data that supports the most important in-season management decisions.

Sentera Sensors

Sentera’s sensor products range from entry-level and consumer-focused multi-band agriculture index products to the most radiometrically accurate, high-throughput sensors in the world.

For consumers, seamless integration with DJI SkyPort hardware, standards compliance and API integration make our Single, Double 4K and AGX710 sensors the leading choice of drone users in the retail channel, selling higher volume and producing more data than any other brand.

For enterprise-scale farmers and consultants, Sentera offers more solutions for more use cases than anyone else in the world.

These solutions result from unmatched technical performance and price-performance ratios, the seamless integration of extremely complex multiband products and a unique ability to fuse data measurement with experience and expertise in onboard machine learning, computer vision and precision navigation.

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