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“Customer obsession is the precursor to growth,” says Ronnie Sheth, Founder & CEO of SENEN, formerly a marketing agency, focused on driving organic growth by transforming customer experience. In 2024, SENEN now serves as an international data & AI-centric strategic advisory and implementation firm that helps clients unlock the value of data & AI.

Over 85% of marketers state that lead generation is the primary goal of marketing efforts. However, this belief overlooks the fact that there is an entire customer lifecycle that can be leveraged to attract, engage, retain and multiply customers to drive overall business growth. On average, companies can gain over $775 Million in revenue over 3 years, with software companies gaining over $1 Billion, with a modest improvement in customer experience, according to studies conducted by The Temkin Group.

SENEN empowers organizations across North America to deliver consistent, value-based customer interactions through data-driven, innovative marketing for every stage of the buyer journey from brand discovery to advocacy.


Founded in 2012 in Toronto, Canada, SENEN was established to provide strategic advisory services to high-tech startups. With a complete understanding of how technology ecosystems operate, we provided critical insights to technical founders and teams around navigating the B2B sales and marketing space. As we added larger enterprises to our client base, we realized that organizations both large and small struggle to address three key challenges:

  • How do we quickly and increasingly attract, engage, retain and multiply customers to maintain and grow revenue?
  • How do we improve customer perception surrounding our brand?
  • How do we stay ahead of the market’s constantly evolving demands?

These observations, and the challenges they posed, played a pivotal role in the evolution of our company into a one-of-a-kind marketing firm that combines strategy, creativity and agile execution to achieve maximum total customer lifetime value. Instead of solely focusing on traditional top-of-the-funnel activities, we adopted a holistic, life-cycle marketing approach across the funnel to fuel rapid growth.

Over the years, our work has spanned the entire breadth of the marketing landscape including:

Strategic Advisory

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Audit
  • Data Governance
  • AI-centric Data Strategy
  • Executive Advisory & Fractional CDO Services
  • Data Execution
  • Data & AI-centric Operating Model
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Teams-as-a-Service
  • Data Literacy Enablement Program
  • ESG (Sustainability) Initiatives
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Content Promotion
  • Content Maintenance
  • Content Reporting & Analytics

Growth Marketing

  • Buyer Journey Analysis
  • Growth & Recurring Revenue Strategy
  • Customer Experience, On-boarding, Engagement & Conversion Strategy
  • Growth Hacking (ideation)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Customer Success/Experience

  • Customer Journey & Sentiment Analysis
  • Customer Success Framework & Organization Design
  • KPI Definition
  • Customer On-boarding, Engagement, Retention & Expansion Strategy & Playbook Creation
  • Customer Success Training

Strategic Consulting

  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Recurring Revenue Strategy
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Market Research & Competitive Benchmarking
  • Playbook Creation
  • Enablement, Training & Workshops

In working with our clients, we identified a need for a tool to help companies evaluate their organizational processes around long-term customer success. To address this gap, we developed the proprietary SERV© framework which serves as a diagnostic model for clients to assess and optimize their customer acquisition, engagement, retention and expansion practices. Our clients have leveraged the SERV model to redesign their customer experience to foster engagement, promote brand loyalty and boost recurring revenue.

Ronnie Sheth, CEO and Founder


An expanding client base across North America led us to find a home for our U.S. headquarters in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas in 2017. With its great culture and thriving start-up scene, Austin proved to be the perfect ecosystem for SENEN to act on its mission to help local start-ups scale revenue through cutting-edge marketing. Today, in addition to high-tech, our clients span verticals such as retail, financial services, and information services.

We are excited to continue helping organizations tell their stories in innovative ways, create memorable customer experiences and drive sustainable growth.

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