“Our teams originating from widely differing and specialist backgrounds in various sectors are the key to our success and ensure the daily satisfaction of our clients”.

- Gilles GLAD — Founder and CEO of SEIMAF

SEIMAF Groupe is an Engineering Consultancy with 26 years of experience. Our sectors of activity are: energy, environment, construction and transport. Our desire is to work with industrial operators to help them maximize their performance and responsiveness.

Our experience, advanced engineering and project management capabilities allow us to tackle the most complex projects while remaining competitive in the market.


Within the framework of one-off or recurring assignments, SEIMAF supports companies seeking to outsource their studies or create project platforms. Whatever your project, our team is committed to supporting you.

More than just solutions, we provide you with specialist expertise.

Supporting the Hinkley Point C Project, one of the largest constructions in the world.
£22-23 Billion Nuclear Project.
23 Engineers working on the project.


Audrey TÉTAS — Civil Engineer at Hinkley Point C

As a child, I always had an interest in construction and architecture so it was inevitable for me to begin my studies in the construction field. I decided to continue my studies with an apprenticeship in a construction company. After two professional years I wished to learn more and more in order to improve my skills in structural design for bigger projects. Hence I understood that engineering school would be the best choice for it.

As a civil engineer I work on significant civil engineering projects with complex structures and high quality standards. Everyday I broaden my horizons as a civil engineer with new knowledge and I particularly appreciate calculation and the behavior or the resistance of buildings. Furthermore, I meet and interact with so many interesting people, sharing my experience and Knowledge.

I became an Engineer because I wanted to learn methodologies, new viewpoints and new technical skills. I intend to continue to improve my engineering experience over the coming years and look forward to the next exciting project.

I have had the great opportunity to join SEIMAF UK at the end of 2020 to lead our UK team and grow the business.

My team is the heart of the company and I’m grateful to be working with such a talented and diverse team that is contributing to shaping our future.

At SEIMAF we strive for innovation through expertise, quality and team spirit. To us, team spirit means to collaborate with others by adding value as a supplier, a customer, an employer and an employee.

Want to be part of it? Please get in touch!

When we think about engineering, and in our case the nuclear industry, we assume it’s an environment filled with men.

But, in the last few years, with support from schools, organisations and companies, the rate of women being involved in engineering has risen considerably. I think it needs to be communicated from an earlier age, that engineering is a great profession, and there is a lot that can be done due to the large spectrum of disciplines.

I began my professional journey in a different domain, so I didn’t choose engineering as much as I think engineering found me! Ten years ago, I had the opportunity to integrate with an engineering team which was interested in interdisciplinary backgrounds.

If I had to say what inspires me about engineering, it would be that there is a great opportunity to be creative, be productive, and do good in the world. And, for this, it takes all types of engineers – inspired women and men from all disciplines – to gather together and do engineering work at all levels.

Gabriela MATEI — Delivery Coordinator for Hinkley Point C

Patricia PEINADO — Recruitment Coordinator

Working as a Recruiter in an Engineering Consultancy, I realize that the engineering field is primarily male orientated.

One of the initiatives that SEIMAF wants to launch is to shape the future of young engineers, women and diversity. Thanks to my position, I have direct contact with the public looking for work and I am able to contribute to innovation in this regard.

The path to equal opportunities has already begun, but there is still a long way to go and it is in our power to be able to achieve it step by step, contributing from our personal and professional positions.


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