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Enables consumers to see products in their life before they buy them

Seek enables consumers to see products in their life before they buy them. In working directly with businesses, Seek offers its technology to be installed directly on these businesses’ websites, allowing their consumers to test out products before they buy them. Seek’s AR increases customer satisfaction by increasing the chances they will purchase something they do not end up returning.

In-app AR is more available than most consumers know—but that’s just the problem; they don’t know. While people browse products online every day, the truth is that they’re mostly just looking at them through the web; they balk at having to download a brand-specific app in order to access the AR capability.

Seek knew of this problem from its early days as a B2C platform, when its biggest struggle was getting users to download its app. Brands contributed rewards, which appeared as augmented-reality treasure chests all over the world. Imagine Pokemon Go, but with tangible, real-life value.

Seek was ahead of its time—too far ahead of its time. And so it pivoted. It rebuilt its technology so that AR could be available on any website on any device—iOS or Android—no app required. It also became a B2B company.

“When we made our end product more accessible, that’s when things started to get better,” says Jon Cheney, Seek’s founder and CEO. “We took it out of the app and onto the web, and that’s when things started to get really exciting.”

One of Seek’s customers is Walmart, and because Walmart is itself enormous and serves an enormous amount of people, whatever tech it brings on has to work for the masses and must be easily accessible. That standard became a sort of “accessibility thermometer” for Seek.

“The consumer clicks on the product, and it just works. Done. No downloading, not 10 steps to download, figure out how to use and register on an app. It’s just there right on the product page,” Jon says.

Growing Seek in Utah has saved them. By avoiding high startup costs in places like Silicon Valley (where they were told they had to be or they would never succeed), Seek has been able to compete on the world stage with far less investment and dilution than other similar B2B SAAS startups.

“There’s a unique business environment here,” says Jon Cheney, Seek’s founder and CEO. “People are very creative and entrepreneurial. Utah actually has the second-highest number of “YouTubers”—London is firs —and the talent pool is as strong as, say, Silicon Valley, but living costs are drastically lower, so we can pay our employees a great salary that is rewarding for them.”

Part of the reason Utah’s talent pool is so strong, especially in terms of sales, Jon says, is the presence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, whose congregants have experience traveling the world over and speaking with people about their religion. That’s not to say that their religion is a sales pitch rather, it teaches its congregants to listen, to identify with another’s problem, and to help with a solution. Whatever its origin, that customer-focused set of skills has helped companies in Utah better serve their clients and to grow much more quickly than they might elsewhere.

The future for Seek looks awesome—literally.

Jon describes a consumer of the not-so-distant future. They are in their home, wearing something similar to Google Glass, and considering the state of their living room. They can ask a website to show them a brown leather couch—no, a red one. They can browse art that will pair nicely with the couch. They can see all of these things thanks to AR.

“I’m excited for the whole world to get deeper into AR,” Jon says. “There are so many different things that are going to happen when people can access AR through a lens or screen that is literally before their eyes. It’s going to feel realer than it ever has. This is the experience of the future—the consumer experience of the future—and Seek wants to be the glue that brings it all together.”


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