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Tampa Bay is home to a dynamic tech community. Employing more than 40,000 people, the region has become a robust and agile technology hub. Cybersecurity is one of the areas that has become increasingly vital to all industries.

Changes in innovation and technology coupled with a lack of qualified candidates, however, have created a global shortfall to meet emerging threats. Recognizing that there is a need for environment-ready cybersecurity professionals in Tampa Bay and a community full of people who are excited about cybersecurity, SecureSet is committed to closing the critical gaps in employment and to building a broader tech ecosystem through community partnerships and public outreach.

As the nation’s first boot camp-style, comprehensive cybersecurity education program, SecureSet is bringing to Tampa Bay an array of resources that innovates the next generation of cybersecurity technology and builds a pipeline for the security workforce of the future. The academy’s innovative approach provides immersive cybersecurity education for students who want to gain experience solving real-world security issues in a boot camp-style program. Through SecureSet’s courses and programs, students have the opportunity to learn in an intense, hands-on environment with industry expert mentors and world-class instructors. SecureSet graduates have the necessary skills to immediately begin in working cybersecurity environments.

Located in Historic Ybor City, home to entrepreneurs and visionaries for over 100 years, SecureSet is more than a place students go to attend class. This unique organization is fostering a broader tech culture by becoming an anchor for the entire community while also honoring the history of innovation that is integral to Ybor City. SecureSet’s impressive campus is housed in a historic building, formerly the Don Vincent Hotel. It has been completely renovated to serve the needs of its high-tech students while retaining the historic feel and architecture of the original hotel. This old-world meets-new-world collaborative hub has become a regular meeting space and a place for the security community to call home. In using their new campus to create a collaborative security culture, students and members of the tech community participate in weekly meet-ups, hackathons, and social events.

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