Seatox-Natural And Vegan Alternatives To The Toxic Chemicals In Skincare Products




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Embarking on this venture was born out of my interest in finding natural and vegan alternatives to the toxic chemicals in skincare products. Growing up in the wild rugged west Atlantic coast of Ireland where seaweed has been foraged for centuries, I would often forage and enjoy seaweed as a snack! There are over 10,000 species of seaweed and in Ireland, it has served many uses from a nutritional food source to fertiliser and spa treatments.


After graduating here in Bristol, I was inspired to start my organic seaweed skincare business, from my Irish roots and appreciation for the health and beauty benefits of the Sea. I started my journey in the UWE LaunchSpace incubator and was in good company with many other start-ups. There is such a hive of activity in this city around sustainability and innovation, it’s just to the best place to start an ethical brand!


I feel proud that Seatox has strong values and will always be vegan and never tested on animals. The packaging is fully recyclable or reusable, and the seaweed is sustainably harvested in a way that causes zero impact on the environment.

Seatox is also committed to putting profits back into conserving the marine ecosystems, in which seaweed is harvested from. We believe when you take from the Ocean, you must also give back. That’s why we are committing £1 from every sale to go into unique projects which have a positive impact on marine wildlife. At the moment we are donating £1 from every sale to the Seal rescue Ireland, but as we grow each product will have a £1 donation to a crucial ocean cause.


it’s powerful minerals. For example, our Selkie Smooth Seaweed bath has no synthetic ingredients, harmful parabens or sulfates, instead it is brimming with natural minerals and vitamins of the Atlantic, such as vitamin A and magnesium. It’s an ancient spa treatment, traditionally used by Irish farmers after a hard day ploughing in the field, to alleviate aches and pains.

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