Founded In 2018 In Antwerp, Is An Independent Ship Management Company Offering Services For The Remote Operation Of Ships With Limited Crews.




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The vessels sail with Seafar’s hardware and software automatically, supported by the Shore Control Center where the team of engineers and captains manage the vessel. The operators in the control centre have a range of high-tech systems based on artificial intelligence, sensor fusion and object detection at their disposal to ensure safe navigation. By integrating these new services and technologies, shipping companies and operators can continuously improve their operational efficiency: reducing operational costs, enhancing competitiveness, and expansion of the navigation possibilities.

Seafar is a frontrunner in the development and operational integration of state-of-the-art technologies for inland and coastal shipping. On the one hand, Seafar develops the necessary software in-house and builds the hardware to automate the vessel. On the other hand, Seafar manages the Shore Control Center to operate the vessels.

The technology is based on multiple types of exteroceptive sensors to incorporate artificial intelligence algorithms for sensor fusion and to build an accurate model of the environment. Seafar uses sensors such as LiDAR, radar, and cameras to produce data to solve problems of obstacle identification and classification.

Louis-Robert Cool, CEO of Seafar adds: “Seafar is a European pioneer in the development and operational integration of state-of-the-art technologies for semi-autonomous navigation. As an innovative player in the inland and shipping sector, Seafar wants to be an accelerator towards efficient and sustainable shipping. ”

By using new technologies shipping companies can continually improve their efficiency of operations. Efficiency measures can bring pollution down, but also strengthen the business case for the further investments in green and zero carbon propulsion technologies or shift to clean fuel. The challenge is to create commercially viable zero-emission shipping, Seafar wants to play a key role in overcoming this challenge.

Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters: “Innovations regarding automation in inland navigation help the sector and we want to take a pioneering role in this with Flanders. Seafar offers an answer to the mobility challenges of the future. It strengthens our society to digitise and innovate in such a progressive manner. “

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