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Script is a workflow automation solution that processes and digitizes paperwork for schools so that the focus can be on what’s really important, teaching. Process automation was previously only available to large corporations with multi-million dollar IT budgets, however now it can be perfectly tailored for schools at an affordable price. Whether approving purchase orders from principals or sending Human Resources paperwork to new teachers, it is the solution to achieving a more effective and efficient way of dealing with administration. Schools around the nation are using Script to eliminate rooms of filing cabinets, increase efficiency, save money and achieve new levels of financial accountability. Script is the best way for schools to spend more time teaching and less time doing paperwork.

Left: Aaron White, Co-Founder & CEO
Right: Patrick Cahill, Co-Founder & CTO

Script Team


Script was founded by Aaron White and Patrick Cahill two years ago, while Aaron was the IT Director in the Florida school system. Aaron saw the growing need for all the administrative functions of running a school to be streamlined and automated. This paved the way for the Script App to be developed with the help of his co-founder, Patrick Cahill. The app caters to both the school and the parent. The parent app allows parents to manage their children’s emergency contacts, sign permission slips, pay for field trips and make payments for things like yearly fees and tuition. Teachers can easily plan and manage school activities by using a student roster to automatically route notifications, payments and release forms to the correct parent. Every payment, permission slip, and parent response can be viewed in the Script dashboard so that everyone, from teachers to bookkeepers, has the data they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

One of the tools of the app is the Individual Digital E-File Automation (IDEA) Model which delivers actionable insight to determine how process efficiency impacts both the school’s and district’s administrative procedures. Until recently there has not been a standard to evaluate procedure efficiency in the central office of education.

What has been missing is a Standards-Based approach to assessing an entire district’s current state of affairs, and a comprehensive solution to bringing the district into the 21st century. School district workflow automation streamlines digital asset management, which facilitates the adoption and coordination of impressive software, such as personalized learning programs, dynamic assessment tools, digital curricula, and more. Solutions such as Script work with a district to analyze their current workflow and look for areas of improvement. Additionally, the IDEA model can be used and adapted for colleges as well as independent education associations. Districts who have adopted workflow automation have seen increases in efficiency across the board, and teachers who utilize a student performance dashboard report higher student growth, along with feelings of confidence and high morale. With less time spent grading and tracking performance, the teacher has more time to facilitate collaborative discussions and hands-on projects that engage students.

Aaron and Patrick envisage growing Script organically and making this app available to schools both nationally and internationally so that the administration function can be focused on student safety, building relationships with stakeholders, and at the same time be freed from the time-intensive burden of paperwork. Script will strive to continue creating and improving on standards for school process efficiency.

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