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Science Park University of Antwerp is the ideal location for innovative, research-driven companies in the health and environmental sector. Located at an extraordinarily beautiful park with office space and laboratories for start-ups, SMEs and large businesses, you won’t find such a uniquely vibrant and diverse mix of knowledge clusters and industry expertise anywhere else. Set along the Antwerp-Brussels axis, the easy access and state-of-the-art facilities with in-house business support services make this the perfect place in which to grow your business.

Focus on your core business

As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on your company, product, customers and people. The team at the Science Park University of Antwerp is therefore happy to take over some of your practical concerns. When it comes to your workplace, we provide made to measure solutions. Moreover, we allow that workplace to grow along with your company. As developer and manager of the park, POM Antwerp has extensive expertise in the field of park and real estate management.

Excel in what you do

The search for funding, the best experts or the right partners takes time. But once you find them, it gives your company a tremendous boost. Thanks to the business development team at the Science Park, you have to invest less time in this. We are there for you with advice on HR, legal issues, IP, and funding. You can also make use of our extensive network. In addition, at the Science Park, unique, internationally oriented clusters arise in domains such as respiratory innovation and cell and gene therapy & tissue engineering. You can actively participate in innovation in that regard.

Meeting and seminar facilities: impress your customers and enjoy in the best conditions

Some of our meeting and seminar facilities at a glance.

An optimal setting for relaxation

If you want to focus for 100%, you will occasionally need a bit of relaxation. The Science Park borders the Walenhoek nature reserve. Those 60 hectares of greenery give you the opportunity to jog or cycle during your lunch break. Our coffee Bar Harriet is a dynamic meeting place for you and your customers. You will also bump into colleagues from other companies at the Science Park. And of course, you will enjoy the finest coffee.

Innovate in collaboration with a knowledge institution

At the Science Park University of Antwerp you will have a permanent first line connection with the University of Antwerp, one of Flanders’ top universities and a member of the Flemish Institute of Biotechnology (VIB).

Attract new talent

Research and IT profiles are scarce and sought-after. This means that it is not always easy to attract new employees. As a start- or scaleup, it can be a real challenge to compete with the big-league players. So it’s an advantage to emphasise the benefits of this workplace. The opportunity to work at a modern, green campus in a dynamic environment: a real selling-point.

Incubator Darwin

Are you looking for an inspiring, dynamic location where you can build your business at your own pace? With its flexiplaces, offices and lab spaces, Darwin is the ideal breeding ground for budding entrepreneurs. Stimulating cooperation between entrepreneurs and researchers, and providing the right type of professional guidance are key in Darwin.

Entrepreneurship takes a community.
Lively community

At the Science Park we like to give companies the opportunity to get to know each other better. Inspiring lectures, informal happy hours, and open coffee gatherings are ideal for this. At no obligation whatsoever. Always a success.

Innovative clusters

Innovation happens when people draw upon their own expertise to find a solution. This certainly applies within healthcare, where new therapies can only succeed when doctors, entrepreneurs, researchers, patients and government join forces. Discover eu.reca and at.las, unique clusters with the aim of accelerating innovation.

Sublime relaxation

Relaxing over a cup of coffee, a walk in the green setting, or a bit of physical exertion in order to get back to work with a fresh mind, all this contributes to your productivity and happiness at work. The Science Park is a unique environment, where you will work, not because you have to, but want to work.

Academic expertise

Collaboration between entrepreneurs and academics often leads to new, interesting insights. Universities, colleges and other research centres therefore have quite a lot to offer. We can help you to make the right connections.

Smart network

The team behind the Science Park has an extensive network of specialists and experts. This includes both people with whom we work constructively ourselves and companies recommended by our customers. We are happy to open up this network to you.

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