Science Center: Experiment Today. Change Tomorrow.




A better way to help diagnose Alzheimer’s, a safer food supply, low-cost breast cancer detection. These are just a few of the discoveries the University City Science Center supports.

With resources and programming for any stage of a business’s life cycle, the Science Center has a 50+-year track record helping scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators take their concepts from idea to IPO (Initial Public Offering) – and beyond.

Our technology commercialization and entrepreneurial support programs facilitate connections, foster collaboration and provide the capital that help innovators turn flashes of inspiration into thriving businesses.

And the recipe works. Graduate firms and current residents of the Science Center drive $13 billion in economic activity in the region annually.

As part of a vibrant city and region with world-class science and innovation assets, we’re proud to call Philadelphia home. As Center City moves west towards our location in the heart of University City, our uCity Square neighborhood is a dynamic community where entrepreneurs and experts connect, collaborate, challenge one another and thrive.

We’re helping entrepreneurs and scientists tackle the scientific and technological challenges of tomorrow and bring world-changing discoveries to life.

Here is a small sample of the companies we support and serve:

Avid Radiopharmaceuticals is a pioneer in the development of molecular imaging diagnostics and biomarkers that improve global health by accelerating the development of new medicines and enabling a tailored approach to healthcare. The Science Center has flexibly accommodated the growth of Avid as its portfolio and mission has advanced and expanded. Acquired by Eli Lilly & Company in 2010, Avid operates out of uCity Square as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the global pharmaceutical company.

Invisible Sentinel Inc. is a global molecular solutions company dedicated to providing first-in-class microbial detection tools that empower its clients to make the safest and highest quality products. Established in 2006 at the Science Center, the company has developed dozens of detection tools for use by food and beverage manufacturers, premium wineries, breweries, and third-party testing labs in the US and internationally. The Science Center helped facilitate Invisible Sentinel’s growth by providing technical resources and the industry access needed to grow the company from concept to commercialization. Invisible Sentinel regards its uCity Square location amidst a pool of talent and mentors as “the epicenter of biotechnology in the Philadelphia region.”

UE LifeSciences is revolutionizing cancer treatment and giving women who typically do not have access to early breast cancer detection a fighting chance. Their hand-held device can be used by community health providers to detect stiffer/harder breast tumors, which may be cancerous. CEO Mihir Shah leveraged two of the Science Center’s technology commercialization programs to bring the device to market. UE LifeSciences licensed the technology behind the company’s product, iBreastExam, from Drexel University where engineering professors Drs. Wan and Wei-Heng Shih developed the sensor technology after receiving a grant from the Science Center’s QED proof-of-concept program. With the help of the Science Center’s Digital Health Accelerator, UE LifeSciences took what was a great university invention and turned it into a commercial-grade medical device.

In partnership with GE Healthcare, iBreastExam is now marketed in several countries across Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa.

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