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Science 37 broke away from the traditional research model to deliver an experience built on human connection, with a mission to accelerate biomedical research by simplifying the patient experience. By creating an environment where participation in clinical research is simple, and people can drive science forward from the comfort of home, so much more is possible. A more diverse group of people can participate. Potential participants can be reached faster. Breakthrough therapies can reach those in need more quickly. It all comes down to making research more human and accessible.

By engaging with patients at home, Science 37 provides access to patients who can never be reached by traditional site-based models—in fact, one study saw Science 37 enroll patients twenty-seven times faster than traditional sites in the same study. Reaching people at home also creates an inherently more diverse patient population in clinical trials than research centers that have to rely on participants who live in relatively close proximity to their facilities. More than half of the patient community within the Science 37 network originate from communities of color.

Following this novel approach to research can yield extraordinary results. Science 37:

  •  Has designed and implemented more virtual trials than any other company
  • Operates an expansive network of investigators and nurses across every major therapeutic area
  • Powers research with an integrated platform that supports the entire clinical trial lifecycle

In the Science 37 virtual model, all aspects of the clinical trial lifecycle are executed virtually—from recruitment to study closeout—and supported by a comprehensive, purpose-built platform. The company’s high-touch patient services include patient visits conducted via telemedicine and mobile nurse visits, both at the patient’s convenience. Study materials are appropriately shipped to the patient’s home. Science 37 can also be a virtual metasite among existing traditional site networks to enable 100% population coverage.

Research is powered by the Science 37 platform, which is a key part of the patient experience. It allows patients to arrange at-home mobile nurse visits and physician telemedicine appointments at their convenience, provide consent for study-related documents, and report personal observations throughout their study journey. The platform also provides direct access to the study team.

For researchers, the Science 37 platform is a window into a study’s progression—it provides centralized data management with actionable insights available in real time. Study teams have visibility into the study’s progression at any time and can identify trends and determine how milestones are being met. The platform integrates workflow and processes for physician investigators, mobile nurses, and coordinators across the patient journey, and also digitally automates and streamlines all aspects of data collection—alleviating the burden for study teams and minimizing the risk of human error.

Science 37 works side-by-side with its clients to design clinical trials that maximize efficiency, reduce time to market, and provide all the necessary accommodations to ensure an optimal patient experience.

Science 37 is making the promise of virtual trials the new reality. By engaging with patients from the comfort of their own home, we provide access to patients who can never be reached by traditional site-based models. We have proven to enroll faster, retain patients at a higher rate, and reach a more representative population. Science 37 has conducted more decentralized, interventional trials than any other company, using an expansive, in-house network of telemedicine investigators and home-health nurses, who are supported by the industry’s most comprehensive, fully integrated, decentralized clinical trial platform.

Year Founded: 2014 Founded By:
Noah Craft and Belinda Tan

Science 37

12121 Bluff Creek Drive Suite #100
Los Angeles, CA 90094

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