As Canada’s AI supercluster, Scale AI acts as an investment and innovation hub with a mission to accelerate the adoption and rapid integration of artificial intelligence in supply chains. Through this role, Scale AI contributes to the emergence of a world-class Quebec and Canadian AI ecosystem. Scale AI’s programs aim to support companies implementing concrete AI applications, the emergence of future leaders in the sector, research programs and the development of a qualified Canadian workforce.

Based in Montreal and funded by the federal and Quebec governments, this supercluster includes nearly 120 industrial partners, research institutes, intelligent supply chains and other AI players. Its achievements are the result of a collective commitment—by the Scale AI team and its board of directors, of course, but also through the support of the governments of Canada and Quebec, which provide the supercluster with the means to act, the companies that develop ambitious projects, and all the partners who inspire and challenge the supercluster by sharing their ideas and needs.

Artificial intelligence is no longer a vision of the future. Its applications are concrete, its technologies are mature, and its immense potential is ready to be exploited. Scale AI accelerates the integration of AI across industries, facilitating the development of organizations both large and small. By supporting the emergence of AI, the supercluster supports companies in rethinking their business models and decision-making processes, and in growing workforce performance. It aims to exploit new avenues to boost businesses, the economy, and the planet.

Scale AI is a collaborative network whose mission is to strengthen Canada’s position internationally by boosting our country’s productivity and building a framework of shared knowledge between universities, start-ups and established companies to advance technology research.


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