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Creating A Generous Community Where People Loved To Work

When David Edmunds and his team launched Salt Mine Productive Workspace in February of 2016 to serve Silicon Slopes they wanted to turn that idea on its head. “We wanted to create a generous community where people loved to work. Coworking coupled with the “mining” of technology and startup ideas happening in Salt Lake made the name a nobrainer.” said Edmunds.

Edmunds and his team gutted an old Kmart turned bowling alley; creatively repurposing an underutilized property. The stunning buildout even has reclaimed wood from the old train trestle that once spanned the Great Salt Lake and even now sparkling salt veins can be seen in the wood.

Filament bulb lighting, custom reclaimed wood furniture and desks, a gas fireplace and floor to ceiling whiteboard walls make a signature statement in the modern space. A full- service coffee café serves as a connection point for the entrepreneurial community.

The expansive space with 24 foot ceilings has dedicated offices, desks, numerous conference rooms, private cell phone booths, upholstered booths and large event spaces to serve as a platform for large gatherings and tech conversations.

Because of the unique larger spaces, many local tech companies have found a second home at Salt Mine for corporate off-sites. It’s not unusual to see Pluralsight, Instructure, and Lucid teams at Salt Mine on a weekly basis.

“Our mission is to help all entrepreneurs thrive; with a passion to help women, minority, and developing world entrepreneurs.” Edmunds explains. “We start with a stunning space, add a unique element of hospitality, and then provide programming of value to help entrepreneurs learn, connect, and grow.”

The programming helps entrepreneurs connect with resources also helping technology teams connect with talent. Salt Mine launched in 2016 by hosting a Beehive Startups’ “Startup Conversation Series” that eventually came under the “Silicon Slopes” brand under Clint Betts leadership.

Important thought leaders from the CEOs of the largest tech companies in Utah to the Governor and Lt. Governor have contributed to make these conversations a nexus point for the tech and startup community.

Now Edmunds is the committee chair of the Sandy/Draper chapter of Silicon Slopes and hosts monthly events to help entrepreneurs learn and connect. Salt Mine has developed strategic partnerships with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and sponsored the TCIP program as well as hosting a Business Accelerator Academy in partnership with Key Bank and South Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“We are so grateful for our strategic partnerships with Silicon Slopes, the Governor’s office, and Chambers of Commerce,” said Edmunds.

“It is the whole ecosystem coming together that helps inspire and create new opportunities. We just celebrated Leticia Morrill’s graduation from our Business Accelerator Academy. In addition to sponsoring the academy, we sponsored Leticia’s tuition. To see a minority woman have new opportunity and confidence to grow her business and cry with joy upon her graduation is really rewarding.”

Edmunds credits his collaboration with others and his team’s focus on relationships for Salt Mine’s success. Our team goes the extra mile to provide a sense of welcome and hospitality.

The focus on relationships results in a community that wants to strive together to make people’s lives better.

Salt Mine

7984 S 1300 E
Sandy, Utah, United States

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