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Runway East is where startups take off. We provide the space and community for entrepreneurs, innovators, dreamers, and doers to meet, think and (occasionally) drink together.

Natasha, CEO

We opened in Bristol in 2018. We knew that it was a booming city with a heavy focus on tech startups – it was the ideal fit for us!


In 2018 alone Bristol had over 24,000 people working in digital tech. All of those people need a place to work, and that’s exactly what we’re providing. Since moving here we have welcomed many incredible award-winning companies into our space, Yellow Dog and Immersive Labs to name a few, and we couldn’t be more proud of the community and networks we’ve built.

We want to be a part of every idea – no matter how small – and be there to support its growth. Community is always first at Runway East. We bring together all sorts of people to allow new ideas to spark and blossom. This is done through our amazing in-house events (including dog shows, pizza parties, and cake every Wednesday) or simply by promoting a genuine open community, it’s what we’re all about.

Whilst many coworking spaces have continued to focus their efforts on the capital this year, at Runway East we recognised the flourishing tech scene in Bristol and as a result, opened a new site there this summer, the first London coworking provider to do so. Runway East now provides more than 1000 members across three sites in London and one in Bristol with the flexibility and convenience they need as they grow their businesses, as well as access to a community of peers, investors, mentors and service providers that can support them in achieving that growth.

Moving to Bristol is perhaps our most notable achievement because it was such a bold move for a small coworking space with only two sites in East London to put our faith in Bristol – a city we did not know well past the glowing reviews from Bristolian founders at our London sites. With our occupancy currently over 95% and plans to open Bristol 2.0 as the tech scene continues to grow, we couldn’t be happier with how things have gone.

We are constantly learning what our members like, what to do more of (and less of) by constant communication. Growing, learning, and every aspect of Runway East depends on our members.

Runway East HQ

0203 137 9953
20 St Thomas Street
London, Se1 9Rs

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