Rui Pedro Almeida

Chair Of The British-Portuguese Chamber Of Commerce

We have worked with both the Portuguese and British Government, local municipalities and several institutions to find solutions and seek out opportunities to local, regional and global challenges and to support the private sector.

Our primary mission is to promote bilateral trade and business opportunities between Portugal and the UK by assisting companies engaged in bilateral trade to gain access to appropriate services, guidance and contacts for the furtherance of their business.

In order to pursue our mission we continuously focus on fostering the right environment to encourage and promote business innovation. Harnessing new ideas is crucial to achieving productivity, economic growth and competitiveness of the Portuguese economy. This is a critical role of our chamber and one of the many ways in which we support our members in their path to innovation.

Due to our international and transversal economic-sector reach and to the power of the knowledge of our membership, we are able to speak with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary perspective on all business matters.

We are therefore able to play a key role in promoting innovation and in supporting our members and the communities where we are present to maximise their potential and to grow sustainably.

The diversity of the activities and services that we promote has become a hallmark for our Chamber.

Training, workshops, seminars, business breakfasts, networking gatherings and trade missions are among the most visible and recurring ones.

Whilst we recognise that our events represent the “public face” of the Chamber, we deliver an array of services such as market research, commercial introductions, qualified translations, referrals to Members with specific expertise, match-making, and organising inward and outward trade missions and participation in trade shows.

In recent years we also pledged to make the Chamber more attractive to start-ups and the booming entrepreneurial ecosystem. We have engaged with incubators and start-up factories, with academia and have long been enthusiasts and active participants of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur programme, aimed at cross-border knowledge sharing and business exchange.

We strive to “walk the talk” and while promoting innovation in the business communities that we serve, we always try to be novel, to risk being different and to remain relevant and up to date when responding to the expectations and needs of our members.

Rui Almeida is Chair of the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Chief Executive Officer of Moneris, one of the largest Portuguese accounting and consultancy firms.

He is also Member of the Audit Committee of EDP Ventures, Teixeira Duarte, Grace (Association for Corporate Social Responsibility) and ITREN (Institute of Energy Transition).

Rui also co-chairs the special interest group on M&A of MSI Global Alliance, a leading international association of independent legal and accounting firms, and is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and start-ups, participating in the advisory board of Start-up Portimão and frequently standing as jury at Pitch Bootcamps.

British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

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