What is innovation anyway?
To us, if you boil this thing called innovation right down, being an “innovator” is really just a fancy way of saying, “they make things better.”

And that’s our aim.
To make things better for the small and medium sized businesses we guide through the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.
The pace of change across any business’s digital landscape is quick, so to rise to the top and stay there means innovating quickly and decisively. Agility and high performing design online keep a business ahead of trends and platform changes.

And like some of the greatest innovations we enjoy everyday, the corkscrew, the can- opener, or the key, true innovation isn’t always flashy. But look close enough and you’ll see the intersection of ingenuity,
creativity and functionality all coming together to produce a currency that humanity craves to trade on.

We think you’d agree, the greatest innovations we enjoy do this one thing really well… They help us get what we want easier. That is what lies at the core of who we are here at RTOWN. We bring big business, digital marketing creativity, strategy & execution to help small and medium sized companies across a variety of industries acquire their ideal-fit customers.

We simplify the lives of entrepreneurs, by becoming their digital CMO for hire with the team to execute the plan. As an extension of their team, we bring full-scale digital marketing services out of the Fortune 500 enterprise and into the main street businesses who are hungry to grow.

We help them grow by simplifying the complexities they face in understanding their business’s digital ecosystem, building unique, data driven strategies designed to produce measurable results, then execute them.

We’ve made making better decisions easier. Every business owner knows that numbers are important. But with today’s landscape of multiple platforms, touch points and campaign channels, making sense of the numbers is getting harder and harder.

That’s why every client receives tailored reporting that is both deep and meaningful. Our approachable, understandable, and actionable reporting drives bottom line growth and makes decisions easier for busy entrepreneurs and their marketing teams.

We’ve made getting results easier. By bringing full service, big business digital marketing tools and methodologies to the table, we’ve learned how to deliver holistic, industry agnostic growth strategies, and then drive results through execution.

We come alongside entrepreneurs and their teams to take a seat at the table, and then instead of just talking strategy, we outwork it. We understand that the true value of any idea can only be measured by the results it gets. Simply put, we get results.

We’ve made getting ROI easier. Like every business owner, we only want to do what works and hold our actions accountable to the same measure we use to evaluate every other part of a business.

We use “bottom line” language like leads, conversions and predictable revenue to measure success, and we do that with our unique technology stack of enterprise tools. Bent on performance, we use no nonsense data and easy to understand reports to ensure every dollar spent online becomes an investment that yields a consistent, scalable return for the business.

We bring growth focused, data driven, “big business” digital marketing tools to the little guy to make their business grow, making the lives of small and medium sized business owners better by getting them the growth they want, easier.

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