Creating Connected Supply Networks
Since 2017, Routeique® has developed industry-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) products, IoT hardware, and apps for businesses in the supply chain space.

“We’re building solutions to problems that have traditionally been difficult to solve,” says CEO Mike Allan. Routeique tools enable companies of all sizes to see and share real-time insights across entire supply networks. This enables them to effectively manage and orchestrate their supply chain, respond to changes, and operate more efficiently.

Mike Allan, CEO & Co-Founder & Scott Birkby, Co-Founder

Tested for Market Fit From the Start
Routeique came about as a result of Mike Allan’s background as a developer and marketer, and Scott Birkby’s role as the owner of a distribution firm. The two Routeique cofounders met through an executive forum, where they discussed issues and challenges in the supply chain space. One of the topics that continued to come up was how limited data and visibility were impacting decision-making. Scott noted that many businesses in the space were facing, “death by a thousand cuts, without knowing where the cuts were.”

Based on this, Mike created a quick version of a field service order portal, to see what they could build to solve this immediate problem. Scott and Mike realized that the need was even greater than anticipated when, after a weekend, they returned to find an international manufacturer that had placed 120 orders through the prototype system. Another manufacturer came on board, asking them to turn this project into a company of its own so they could implement the solution for their distributors. “We realized that this was bigger than us,” says Mike, “we realized, ‘there’s something more here.”

This experience led them to tackle the problem from an even broader perspective. Within a year, they’d assembled a team to develop a dynamic supply chain operating system. The team designed a solution to allow manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to track the total lifecycle of products from manufacturing to final delivery.

Today, the team continues to excel, enhancing and expanding the system to remain at the cutting-edge.

Democratizing the Supply Chain
“Routeique is innovation-first,” says Eric Moon, VP Operations, “we focus on R&D and on moving it into the market. Where R&D meets the market is where innovation happens.”

“Routeique makes competitive supply chain tools available for all markets. It’s accessible to organizations of all sizes rather than only the largest players. This gives companies the freedom to choose partners based on merit across all supply chain networks,” says Mike.

By enabling companies of all sizes to redefine their supply chain management, Routeique hopes to create a more resilient, connected, and efficient supply chain space.

Continuing to Grow
Routeique continues to grow with the support of our wonderful US investment partners, Gener8tor and Lancaster Investments.

In the future, we plan to focus on providing more insight and more competitive advantage to our customers, through better data capture and use. Routeique is moving towards using ML and AI to enable users to squeeze every possible benefit out of their data, and to provide better recommendations throughout the entire network.

“Our goal is to move from providing real-time visibility to providing customers with predictions and suggestions,” says Mike, “this will let them anticipate and seamlessly mitigate changes or disruptions before they happen.

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