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Creating A Better Online Shopping Experience For Consumers

Route is a one-click premium shopping experience for online ordering and the only way to view all of your online orders, from any merchant, visually in one place. Online shoppers can insure and visually track everything they order online in one centralized app. E-commerce merchants can add Route to their online store by enabling one-click solutions for their customers for shipping insurance, visual package tracking, and one-click claim handling.

Route CEO and Founder, Evan Walker, recognized the inconvenience of tracking shipments while traveling through Italy one summer. While out roaming the markets of Florence, he bought a few rare antiques he wanted to ship home but was concerned about not having visibility of the shipments. Realizing how little transparency there is around shipping packages and how difficult it can be when something goes wrong, the idea for Route was born. With how complicated the process of tracking down your packages is when it’s lost or having to jump through hoops if it’s damaged or stolen, the opportunity seemed enormous.

Our goal with Route is to simplify — making order tracking modern and visual, handling shipping issues with one-click, and creating a better online shopping experience for consumers.

- Evan Walker, Founder/CEO of Route

Additionally, the company offers Route Plus, which gives merchant partners the option for their customers to fully insure their packages for 1% of the cart value. “Route Plus merchants see on average an 8-12% conversion increase due to higher shipping confidence. A better experience means more repeat customers and a higher ROI,” says Walker. Once the shopper adds Route Plus at checkout, it enables one-click refunds and reorders for any packages that are damaged, lost or stolen within the Route app.

Route Plus is backed by 330 years of experience in insurance with LLOYDS, the world’s leading insurance company. What started out as a simple solution to a major pain-point has quickly escalated into a sweeping customer experience platform, with game-changing solutions and features. Since their January 2019 launch, Route has raised millions in VC funding, assembled a team that has built 5 billion dollar+ companies, and has quickly become one of Utah’s fastest-growing startups. The Route HQ is located in Silicon Slopes, UT with an additional office in Los Angeles, California.

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