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Rotary Measurement Is What We Know And Do Best. We Enable Advanced Engineering Companies To Manufacture To The Highest Levels Of Accuracy To Execute Innovative New Products That Are More Technologically Advanced, Efficient, And Green.

Our high precision rotary inspection systems measure circular geometry and angular positioning of high value, advanced technology components and products, for progressive engineering industries. We provide our world leading customers with the tools to greatly improve manufacturing accuracy and efficiency, significantly reduce measuring time on the production line, reduce uncertainty and increase measuring volume. Enabling them to innovate their own production methods results in more efficient and environmentally sound manufacture of parts and components. For example, aircraft engines that reduce carbon emissions because the degree to which they have been manufactured is so highly accurate.

Rotary Precision Instruments UK Ltd (RPI) has a long-established reputation as a major supplier of rotary tables and angular positioning products. Since its formation in the 1940s as Optical Measuring Tools
(OMT), RPI has become the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of these products to major manufacturers in the Aerospace, Automotive, Power Generation, Machine Tool, Scientific and General Engineering sectors. With an install base of thousands of systems, applications include Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), circular geometry, calibration, general metrology and scientific.

An increased product range and technologies came through acquisitions amalgamating Eimeldingen UK Ltd, Airmatic, Horstmann and OMT rotary products thereby further enhancing the company’s experience in precision rotary inspection systems. The acquisition by Huber Diffraktionstechnik GmbH based in Rimsting Germany in 2011 further expanded and complemented RPI’s product portfolio, expertise and customer base in the areas of research and industrial measurement.

RPI is a self-sufficient organisation able to design and manufacture bespoke products to match our customer’s specific requirements. All work is carried out by our professional UK trained team based at our head office in the City of Bath.

With 80 years of rotary expertise behind us, RPI not only has the know-how but also deliver exceedingly dependable products with a service life measured in decades, not just years!


We have a passion for innovation and problem-solving. Our on-going program of design and development continually enhances our product range and explores new ways to encompass digitalisation and the practice of industry 4.0 to meet the needs of our customers.

Benefiting from decades of experience, our circular geometry and angular positioning products encompass such advanced air bearing technology, it allows us to measure extremely large components to sub-micron accuracy and our Quadrant range is designed to totally optimise CMM inspection.

We have developed 12 new products over the past 4 years, and many are used by our customers as an enabler to develop their own new products. For example, the pursuit of the aerospace industry to reduce the impact on the environment can be worked towards by developing turbine blades that are so finely tuned and accurately manufactured that once installed they positively impact the reduction of carbon emissions as part of the engine operation.

The region

Situated in the largest cluster of Aerospace and Advanced Engineering companies in Europe, the South West is home to and represented by every major manufacturer in the industry, which is our primary target market. This buoyant innovation hub means we are perfectly positioned to understand the direction of the industry and apply our expertise to adapt our products accordingly. We do however export over 70% of our products to the developed and emerging manufacturing economies around the world.

Going Forward

We are particularly driven and excited by Industry 4.0 and engaging in new innovations that address the challenges which the industry faces to reduce its environmental impact. Our technology can help manufacturers to evolve and deploy improved production processes around the globe that ultimately contribute to achieving a far greener sector and sustainable planet.

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