> Rockit-Solutions To Sleep Problems For Babies, Toddlers, And Young Children

We’re building an internationally recognised brand, designing innovative solutions to sleep problems for babies, toddlers, and young children. Our launch product is the Rockit, a portable baby rocker that fits any pram or stroller. It gently rocks to soothe babies and helps them maintain their sleep.

Rockit was developed by 3 dads on a mission to help other parents safely soothe their babies to sleep. Dr. Nick Webb invented it when his three-month-old daughter refused to sleep in her stroller unless she was being pushed along. He noticed this problem affected other weary parents and one evening had a light bulb moment and constructed a simple prototype. He tested it the very next day and Abby remained asleep even when the stroller came to a halt. Nick set about developing and refining it with his co-founders Matt Dyson and Matt Sparrow. Over the next few months, they turned the prototype into
the Rockit, a rocket-shaped portable baby rocker.
There is nothing quite like Rockit on the market, with other solutions being large mains operated platforms that you wheel the stroller onto. Nothing matches the Rockit for its portability and functionality. The speed control allows you to simply tune the Rockit to the resonant frequency of any pram or stroller so that you can achieve the perfect rock that fools the baby into thinking they are still trundling along.
In the two years since launching Rockit we are now selling it in over 40 countries around the world and our export success has been recognised by The Department for International Trade, who appointed us ‘Export Champions’. Rockit has also featured several times on national TV and in publications including The Times, T3 and Design Week.

We have gone on to win over 20 awards including the prestigious Design Council Spark Award and European Product Design Award. Ellie Runcie, Director at The Design Council commented, “We were particularly impressed by the Rockit. Not only is it a great product, but there is an impressive team behind the product, with determination to commercialise Rockit and turn it into a successful business.”
Being Bristol based is very important to us. The city has a great track record in terms of innovation and invention, this coupled with a fantastic creative reputation makes it an inspiring place for a business like ours.
We are constantly working on new product ideation and development, and we are due to launch two additional ground-breaking products within the next six months. The baby product industry tends to be very traditional in terms of design and we are disrupting this sector with innovative products that have a personality as well as a unique function

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