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It’s hard for us to believe, but the Rocketmakers team (www.rocketmakers.com) has been at the heart of the Bristol and Bath startup scene for well over a decade now. Our vision from the very start has been to bring the latest and greatest technologies together with passionate startup and scale-up founders to make amazing products that improve the world we live in. We were very much a startup ourselves in 2007 and learned a lot of lessons the hard way – which now means we can help the founders we work with avoid at least some of that pain.


1) Early Stage Startups – typically founders with an idea and a passion but without the design, development, deployment skills and experience to get their product to market quickly. Wherever possible, we invest in these startups to become a core part of their team and to demonstrate our long-term commitment to them (examples are Bristol’s own www.neighbourly.com and www.cognisess.com);

2) Growing Scale-ups – which have often used contractors or off-shore developers to build a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ and who appreciate our ability to understand and re-build their ‘baby’ in order to allow it to grow with the performance, security, scalability and availability demands they will face (examples are www.purepla.net and www.travellocal.com); and

3) Corporate Innovators – that want or need to behave more like startups to disrupt their market but their corporate environment may be hindering success, whether that’s politics, personalities, a lack of bleeding-edge technology skills or just the need for external experience and different ways of thinking (examples are www.uksport,gov.uk and www.unitestudents.com).

We’ve always believed in giving first in order to succeed, and practically all our new customers are referrals from startups we’ve worked with or through our active role in the Bristol and Bath startup and scale-up ecosystem. To highlight a few of the things we sponsor and which you might like to get involved in: TechSpark (www.techspark.co) has all the day-to-day tech news in the region; the Bristol VR Lab (www.bristolvrlab.com) is the place to be for immersive tech; and YENA (www.joinyena.com) is where all the young entrepreneur “rebels” share their experiences.

For us, Bristol and Bath is home. We’re incredibly proud of the community we’re a part of and the impact the region is having in bringing on innovation for the UK as a whole.


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