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What Road21 does

Road21 is the caring mother of a multitude of companies and entrepreneurs, which focuses on 3 main activities:

  • Road21 Services: for clients looking for a
    “speedboat”-partner which can help them to innovate, create and launch new business models and solutions within their Digital Transformation needs.
  • Road21 Ventures: where we launch new product and service companies from ideas generated internally or by partnering up with entrepreneurs. We provide our hands-on support and in-house services to accelerate the growth of these ventures.
  • Road21 Family: supporting entrepreneurs by providing them access to our Road21 eco-system of services: from funding/subsidy services till technology resources, coaching, housing, HR admin, accounting, marketing, etc.

Road21 focuses on the growth and development of its entrepreneurs and companies.

The combination of each companies’ complementary expertise, large network and the cross-fertilization with other group members enables everyone to grow personally, as well as their business significantly.

Every Road21 partnership is built on the same cornerstone: one shared vision and set of values.

For all our clients, Road21 is committed to go above and beyond to ensure they are completely satisfied, supporting them on their quest to become #1 in their respective fields.

The story behind Road21

In 2015 Filip Smet started Lemon Companies as a hosting company which quickly evolved into a broad technology provider. Five years of double-digit growth later, he decided to join forces with Fabian Van Kerckhove, with whom he had co-founded several companies already, and who at the time was running a family business focused on the distribution of mineral fillers named SOD.DEL. Their mutual and complementary passion for entrepreneurship resulted in the birth of Road21. In January 2021, the pair became a triplet when Jeremy Schuermans joined the company. His corporate background among the likes of Procter & Gamble and Unilin Flooring helped the newly erupted group to further skyrocket into an umbrella of service companies and start-ups.

Jeremy Schuermans

Filip Smet

Fabian Van Kerckhove

The name Road21 (road to one) refers primarily to unification (road to one company), but can also be connected with other connotations like ‘road to growth for each company in our family’ or ‘the road to innovation’.

Industries in which Road21 is active

Road21 is always looking for the next big idea, regardless of industry or work field. Though the nature of the venture’s history, a core focus remains on technology & innovation. Scale-up IT & technology player Lemon is successfully sharing experiences with promising ventures like Stretch (innovation), Code-Less (low-code and no-code development), and Are Agency (marketing). Other service nuggets and promising start-ups in various domains are equally getting ready to rock the world.

Our core values:

• Positive impact
• Having fun
• Building up Knowledge

Headquarters: The ClubHouse, Groeningenlei 16, 2550 Kontich
Year established: 2020
Employees: 120+
Number of companies: 38

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