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A workspace for professional women to conduct business and a curated community for women focused on growing professionally and personally

RISE Collaborative is both a workspace for professional women to conduct business and a curated community for women focused on growing professionally and personally. With the flexibility of a coffee shop but the polish of a corner office, RISE is where women can thrive with like-minded professionals, focus on business, and make connections to support one another’s success.

Inside RISE Collaborative—a beautiful, light-filled workspace on the Clayton/Ladue corridor—there is a quote written on a prominent wall that reads, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. —Simon Sinek.”

That message gets to the heart of RISE Collaborative. Focused on empowering women in business and building social capital, RISE Collaborative works to create meaningful connections between individuals, companies, and organizations to foster a stronger and healthier business community for women in St. Louis—to “up the average” for every member of its community.

Like many entrepreneurs, Founder/CEO Stacy Taubman originally created RISE Collaborative to solve her own problem. After more than a decade working as a math teacher, Stacy created her first company, Girls Dreaming Big, and juggled it with her full-time job responsibilities. When the company really took off, Stacy decided to transition out of education and focus her full attention on her entrepreneurial endeavor.

Instead of increased productivity and success, Stacy found herself lonely and struggling. Despite her excitement at being out on her own and pursuing her dream, she felt the incredibly common loneliness of entrepreneurship. What she lacked was a community. And from that loneliness, she found herself paralyzed by fear and considered giving up her business dreams.

Much to her surprise, she started seeing her own struggles reflected in other women she met during this time. They too craved collaboration and connection with other women striving for success and needed an inspiring, productive place to work and meet. It was then that Stacy began to realize what she’d been missing.

RISE came out of the specific desire to create a supportive, intentional community for women in St. Louis. While it started to meet the needs of what Stacy felt as an entrepreneur, it has grown into so much more. RISE members range from one-woman startups to $500 million–corporate CEOs. Countless members have reported business growth of 200% or more as a result of joining RISE, and the community is helping women build social capital and strategies that successfully include their ideas, needs, goals, and strengths.

Beyond a thriving membership, RISE has grown successful nonprofit and publishing arms. RISE Society, Inc. empowers women and girls to pursue their goals with confidence, regardless of financial means, by providing mentoring opportunities, educational events, and scholarships to RISE. The nonprofit hosts conferences for high school girls and provides mentorship programs to connect young girls with the successful women of RISE Collaborative. RISE also has a publishing arm, On the RISE Press, which has published three volumes of an inspiring anthology series and will also produce single-author publications.

RISE is creating stronger and more successful female professionals to strengthen the financial health of the community and foster a mindset of empowerment, acceptance, success, gratitude, and collaboration in today’s workforce. The name RISE Collaborative has become synonymous not only with community and growth but with high-quality events, too. RISE has partnered with national brands, such as Warby Parker and Nicole Miller, and successful local businesses to bring dynamic programming to members and the larger St. Louis community.

It also hosts an annual boutique conference focused on learning, sharing, empowering, and supporting women on the RISE.  And only two years after opening its flagship location in St. Louis, RISE’s national expansion has already begun. RISE Denver opened in April 2019 in the Cherry Creek neighborhood with an already-flourishing community of founding members. Stacy and her team hope to bring RISE Collaborative into 15 other domestic cities, and possibly even abroad! With the right community beside you, anything is possible.

Rise Collaborative

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8820 Ladue Road, Suite 203 St. Louis, MO 63124

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