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RiceMeUp is a food startup with a focus on changing the image of rice. RiceMeUp offers a wide range of rice varieties with the highest quality through an E-commerce channel and carefully selected retailers. The company is founded by Antwerpians Babak Khazaeli and Annemie Struyf.

Rice was cultivated in the Indian subcontinent from as early as 5000 BC, but it has been never truly placed in western cuisine. Babak who is originally from Persian descent grew up with Persian cuisine, in which rice plays a very central role. A main feature of quality rice is the strong aroma that releases while cooking; the aroma that we, most of the time, miss in major rice brands in the supermarket. He was astonished seeing the poor quality of rice available in traditional retail channels; having a lack of aroma and often mixed with broken or low-quality rice. Considering the existence of 40,000 rice varieties worldwide, this variety is also barely reflected in the current market. With RiceMeUp Babak and Annemie aim to reveal the true value of rice as one of world`s most versatile and surprising food products.

Branding is King!
When it comes to business success, brand innovation is the key factor. RiceMeUp spotted new trends and listened carefully to today’s consumer needs and adapts itself. “The food trend is constantly changing, and we are aware of that. Rice is an eastern product, but it can definitely find its place in today’s western food trend”. RiceMeUp is not just a rice brand. It is a concept which at its core is trying to change the traditional image of rice and reshape it for today’s conscious consumers. From package design to product development, value proposition, promotion and communication.

Authentic origin
To be able to offer the highest quality at RiceMeUp, rice varieties always come from the region with the best natural conditions to grow them. The Persian rice for example is cultivated in the North of Iran. The humid climate high in the mountains and warm temperature wherein the rice is cultivated gives the rice a strong perfumed aroma. Furthermore, each rive variety is carefully selected based on the grain size and purity, which means the rice is not blended with broken rice that negates its quality. In RiceMeUp`s website, tips and tricks are shared on how each rice can be cooked, and which side dish fits well, so the quality of the rice can be fully appreciated and enjoyed.

In RiceMeUp both worlds of East and West are combined at its best; the high-quality taste of rice from authentic growing regions, combined with a minimalist and compostable package.

Organic cultivation
Most of RiceMeUp`s rice varieties are organic and organically certified. “Our vision is that organic rice is the best for both the body and the planet. Therefore we aim to offer our complete organic assortment of rice.

We maintain a close relationship with the farmers. One of our main suppliers is a family company in Italian Piedmont that applies the newest processes to organically cultivate rice.

Compostable minimalist packaging
Rice is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture. Therefore, it must be packed in a package with a moisture and oxygen barrier to keep its aroma and quality at its best. Most of these barriers are made from plastic materials due to their considerably lower cost.

Using relatively new technology, RiceMeUp could successfully apply 100% bio-degradable barriers into the packages while maintaining the minimalist design.

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