Rialto Recruiting is an Executive Search boutique, specializing in direct search for higher educated technical profiles (Bachelors, Industrial and Civil Engineers, Scientists and PhD students), but also commercial, management and CxO level profiles (including the search for members for Advisory Boards or Boards of Directors).

My name is Patrick Van Lijsebetten. As an engineer, I know how hard it is to find the right talents for technical jobs. Most of the traditional recruiters promise the stars but only yield poorly qualified candidates. This is the reason in 2001 I decided to create “Rialto Recruitment” as a specialized Executive Search company.

Technical recruiting is difficult because the innovation in industry is experiencing a rapid growth in demand for specialized talent. The time when talent came knocking at the door of companies is long gone. There are simply not enough skilled higher educated employees to meet this growing demand and companies end up having to compete for talent by offering higher salaries and more advantages.

In other words, good talent acquisition within given time and money constraints may sometimes seem like wishful thinking. One of our best-kept secrets, however, is the quality and effectiveness of a successful recruitment process. We are always aiming for success, failure is not an option.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence into our practice will improve our organization as these applications can analyse, predict and diagnose to help us make the best decisions. The thick cloud of navy-blue dots is blinking at the computer screen. There are thousands of them, and each dot is a person. A CV – to be more specific. In a blink of an eye, the computer is crunching through the database, searching for the words and patterns. It comes with the result – the list of top ten CVs of people with the experience and knowledge appropriate for the job description. This is not HR magic. It is the future of executive search.

The technology serves our client’s purpose and benefits. The tools we use help to assess candidates in the quickest and most effective way possible. It also automates a candidate engagement process that goes beyond available automated emails or messaging workflows. Moreover it allows us to contact again a targeted group of candidates whenever a new opportunity is available. AI saves the recruiter’s time, which can be spent on non-repetitive, quality services. Our recruiters can focus even more on the soft skills testing of the candidates and find out what the potential is in the near future to generate added value for our clients.

We can be scared and try to hold onto traditional ways of doing things. But the future is coming, whether we are onboard or not. My favourite approach is to be excited, embrace the technology and utilise it for our advantage. I am proud that we choose to face the obstacles and are sailing the uncharted waters with AI. As I said before – we are blazing a technology trail.

Rialto Recruitment

T: +32 3 443 04 81
Science Park University Antwerp
Galileilaan, 15, B-2845 Niel

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