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We understand that the future of manufacturing is rooted in transparency and how important your health is to you and your family

Located in the San Felasco Tech City, Research Blocks is a software company focused on creating transparency and credibility in various health-related industries. We are implementing a patent-pending duel ledger system to track and timestamp the manufacturing process and openly share that process with consumers via the first scannable certification mark. This will verify the quality of products in the market and give those products labeled with the Research Blocks’ mark a competitive advantage.

It is well known that the FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplements before they go to market. This means dietary supplements are safe until proven to be unsafe and the general population is used as guinea pigs. Furthermore, it has been found that four out of five dietary supplementsdo not contain  what was claimed on their label. Some have even been found to be tainted with germs, pesticides, and  toxic heavy metals leading to over 23 thousand emergency department visits per year.

Research Blocks utilizes cloud-computing, blockchain technology, and QR codes to provide an  innovative software solution to the dietary supplement, CBD, and food industries. These three industries  are paramount to health and are filled with regulatory “grey areas” which leads consumers to view even the most quality manufacturers as untrustworthy. With Research Blocks’ software, manufacturers can  openly share and verify the sources and purity of ingredients, certificates of analysis, quality checks, and related scientific facts.

Consumers will have the option to scan a QR code embedded in a certification mark that shows the decrypted timestamped data about their purchased products. Furthermore, the blockchain application behind the software ensures that the data was documented correctly and has not been altered, meaning quality can be ensured. Instead of manufacturers saying they have quality products, Research Blocks makes them prove it.

Not only will the utilization of blockchain technology ease the concerns of consumers but it will also allow manufacturers to easily stay FDA and GMP compliant. By taking advantage of this immutable ledger system, manufacturers will find it easy to document and audit the production process in real-time, clearing up regulatory concerns.

At Research Blocks, we understand that the future of manufacturing is rooted in transparency and how important your health is to you and your family. This is why we are doing what we can to ensure quality  and safe products enter the market.

Our Team
1. Chris Jones: BS Microbiology 2016, MS Management 2019, former Quality Assurance Specialist at ExacTech
2. Justin Kim: MS Management 2019, UF MD Candidate 2021, former Technical Services Analyst at Epic
3. Tim Ahart: 30+ years of software development experience, former Software Solutions Architect at IBM

1. Recipient of the Technology Impact Award from the UF Big Idea Competition
2. Semifinalist in the 2019 Innovate for Good Challenge

Research Blocks

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