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Employers need a way to quickly hire qualified employees

Employers need a way to quickly hire qualified employees and recruiters are always in need of new jobs to place their candidates into. This is where Somerset, New Jersey based Reflik has stepped in to fill a need and become the largest talent crowdsourcing platform in the world.

Their client roster is impressive, it includes companies like DTCC, Aon, J.B. Hunt, Canon, Uber, Marsh & McLennan, AECOM, General Dynamics, Interactive Brokers, and even local New Jersey companies like Harding Loevner and SunRay Scientific.

The idea behind Reflik is simple. Using talent crowdsourcing, you have a broader reach that helps you source the best candidates for any job opening across direct hire, contract, or other talent acquisition needs.

Crowdsourcing Solution
The three key areas that Reflik helps companies solve their talent acquisition woes with, are improving the time to hire, uncovering hard-to-find talent, and increasing efficiency by managing multiple vendors or agencies.

“We have a very vibrant community of professional recruiters,” said Ash Geria, COO and Co-founder of Reflik. “We are leveraging the social and professional connections of professional recruiters and recruiting agencies, as well as their candidate databases to be able to fill open positions through a single platform.

Reflik’s clients therefore have access to pre-screened candidates that are interview-ready that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to uncover. Clients no longer need to worry about tedious tasks like overseeing multiple job boards and application channels, or screening candidates through a lengthy pre-interview process.

“High Tech Meets High Touch”
Once jobs go live on Reflik, specialized professional recruiters and staffing agencies go to work searching for and uncovering passive candidates for these positions. Once screened and submitted, Reflik’s high tech meets high touch solution steps in.

Reflik’s proprietary software uses a mix of algorithms and AI to pre-qualify candidates before a dedicated account manager gives the candidate review process the human element. What results is companies using Reflik only see the best candidates and more quickly than other sourcing channels. Many of these candidates are passive, or not even on the job market.

“The solutions that are available in the market today are simply not as efficient as they should be,” noted Ashish Vachhani, the CEO and Co-founder of Reflik. “That’s where we are, as Reflik, leveraging the best practices of crowdsourcing to find the top talent for our customers in half the time compared to traditional mechanisms out there.”

While many jobs are filled using traditional job boards, and a company’s internal recruiting efforts and employee referral networks, there are a lot of hard-to-fill jobs that go out to external recruiters. Most agencies have niche specializations or only focus on a single city or region. Some may only focus on IT, marketing, or finance, so for many companies trying to find top talent, the choices can be overwhelming. With Reflik, companies are able to cast a wide net and tap into many agencies or recruiters they otherwise may not have been able to find with a single point of contact and a single contract.

Reflik’s product is also top-notch and makes integration seamless for companies to connect with a variety of talent management platforms. “We try to make the user experience for both our clients and our recruiters as easy as possible,” says Head of Product, Hersh Tilva, “Reflik truly is a platform that was born out of a need by recruiters and built for the recruiting industry. We take great pride in making every aspect of the platform as intuitive as possible.”

What’s next?
As Reflik continues to grow across more industries and help more companies, their technology will continue to grow alongside its community. Though aided by technology, the many human variables associated with hiring top talent will never fully disappear. Reflik aims to give both recruiters and employers the right tools and processes to streamline their hiring processes and help them grow the right teams faster.


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