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An Ottawa-based start-up shaking up the way people search for and find information

Their product of the same name is an AI-powered search engine that cuts the time typically required to find reusable internal content for proposals, RFP responses, and other business documents by 50 per cent or more.

The idea of reDock first came about while founder Pierre-Olivier Charlebois was running his own consulting company in Ottawa. He provided consulting and technology services to mostly government clients, but found he was spending an inordinate amount of time searching for the right content while responding to RFPs. The electrical engineer by training had already built AI systems for other uses, and soon realized automated content search was the key.

Fast forward a few years and reDock, an Invest Ottawa accelerator company, now has a growing, passionate team, working together to better the bidding landscape. It mainly sells its solution to engineering, consulting and other professional services firms around the world who rely on proposals to win business.

Indeed, anyone who has endured the proposal content search process knows just how time-consuming and tedious it can be. For organizations without a dedicated proposal team, finding reusable yet vital internal content like company descriptions, project descriptions, or CV snippets across multiple content management systems (CMSs) can be a massive distraction. Even for organizations with proposal specialists, speeding up manual content search can lead to huge productivity gains and better proposals – not to mention a boost in morale.

reDock is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) software platform that turbocharges internal content search through the power of AI and machine learning. It automates mundane content search tasks such as manual tagging and organizing, allowing users to quickly find and add the most relevant and timely internal knowledge required to support winning proposals.

And maybe the best part? Because it’s underpinned by AI and machine learning, reDock becomes smarter and more attuned to every aspect of your content every time it’s used.

The software offers optional out-of-the-box, no-code integrations with many of the most popular CMS platforms on the market, including SharePoint and Google Drive, allowing clients to sync reDock with their internal content systems. That means no uploading of documents and no worries about content duplication or version issues between systems.

reDock also allows organizations to set rules around which internal content is searchable, and by whom, so employees don’t mistakenly stumble upon sensitive HR or company information.

What reDock does, and does very well, is work like an internal search engine to quickly find the most relevant and up-to-date answers or corporate information (often buried under mountains of other internal documents) for specific proposals or RFP responses. It can help save countless hours of manually locating, copying, and adding bits and pieces of internal content from various content management systems into proposal documents.

reDock’s expanding customer base has been especially impressed by the software’s extreme ease of implementation and use, as well as the immediate impact on their business. The growth and positive influence reDock has achieved by helping to solve an undeniable, universal problem has the team excited for what is to come.

“As a proposal writer specialist I manage and write proposals for the public and private sectors. With reDock, I have been able to save at least 50% of my time searching for content in past proposals versus searching directly in SharePoint.”

Erin Hopkin – Proposal Writer Specialist
Colliers Project Leaders

“I’ve been managing proposal teams for 15 years and writing proposals for 20. The consistent challenge across all the companies I supported was drawing on corporate knowledge to pull together past proposal examples to use as boilerplate for developing new proposals. I looked into content management systems over the years, but they all required a significant amount of front-end work and ongoing maintenance. We recently implemented reDock and, considering the productivity, quality, and consistency benefits we’ve already achieved, we’ve been able to demonstrate significant return on  investment.”

Rebecca Rollison – B.A., CF APMP, Corporate Manager, BD & Risk
Autopro Automation Consultants


251 Laurier Ave W, Suite 90,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5J60,

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