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Red Wall Marketing was started from the ground up with one goal in mind: Helping people. Founder and President JR Griggs began working with local businesses one at a time to see how he could help them truly grow their business. He would dissect their business, locate problem areas, and strategically build a plan to solve them.

The best way to help them was to remove the jargon and focus on what the business needed, not on just selling them something. As word spread from clients having success, Red Wall’s client base began to grow. JR never intended to build an agency, nor had he ever worked for one, so he wasn’t sure if this was the path he wanted to take. Eventually, however, there came a point where a decision had to be made: continue to RED WALL MARKETING IN THE BUSINESS OF HELPING PEOPLE work one on one with clients, or build an agency. An agency it was. When the decision was made to build a team and grow roots here in Tampa, the overall goal was still the same. There were just more goals now, bigger goals.

Help people – The overall goal is the same throughout each area of Red Wall Marketing: help people. The reality is, we don’t really work with businesses, we work with people. From the owner to the employees, to the customers they serve, we’re helping people. We also don’t hire employees, we hire people. People with dreams and problems. People who want to be seen, heard, and valued. We are all people, and therefore always want to be investing in the lives of those we serve.

Continue to help businesses in any way possible – We want businesses to be successful, regardless of what that takes. They don’t always know what they need, so by truly dissecting a business, we are able to reveal any areas a business needs the most help, even if that help is not coming from us.

Educate and be transparent with every client – The more they know, the more they understand why we do what we do. We want to be as transparent as possible with our clients so they can solely focus on their business, not worry about their marketing.

Build a great place to work – Work, in general, can have enough stress on its own, even if it is someone’s passion, but having a good work environment can help alleviate some of that stress, not add on to it. The goal was to build a company people would want to work for: one that was fun and dedicated to building up the team members.

Give – We want to always be giving in some way, whether that is serving our community, helping non-profits, or just being available to those who need help but cannot afford it. We want to be known as a giving company.

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