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The best and most effective companies tell a story with their brand. We live in an experience economy, where consumers value how a product makes them feel, rather than simply focusing on the need it satisfies. In response, more companies are increasingly turning toward live events as a key marketing strategy.

With events, companies have the opportunity to customize every element of the consumers’ experience: from transportation and accommodation, to the content and itinerary, to the look, feel, taste, and even smell of the program.

Well, with the right help, that is. Planning an event is no small task, and novice planners can find themselves easily overwhelmed by the myriad details of the project at hand. That’s where Red Velvet Events comes in.

Our Story

We are a full-service creative events agency, specializing in ideating, designing, and executing award-winning events for global brands. Our secret to success? President and founder Cindy Lo says it is all in the team.

“We work hard yet stay humble. We are not only confident we will do the best job, but there is no task too small when it comes to executing the client’s vision,” Lo says.

With the rise of social media, DIY hacks, and rapid technology innovation, our clients are increasingly primed to challenge our team with new ideas. While we may not be able to create a virtual reality ice maze (or whatever the new trend is) with our own two hands, we have an international network of partners that can.

Our team knows that collaboration is critical for success. Internally, we utilize an open floorplan with lounge spaces, hot desks, and flexible meeting space to encourage group brainstorming. We also recognize that our work would not be possible without our amazing partners, with whom we have built deep and lasting relationships. No matter how many years of experience we have under our belt, there is always someone with a different perspective, additional insight, or a new approach that we can apply to make our work even stronger.


Throughout our sixteen years, we have been honored to take home industry awards including Gala Awards, ESPRITS, and Texas Star Awards. These awards are not the result of one team member, but the collaborative efforts of many. We have been named a Best Place to Work by Austin Business Journal and M&C Magazine, an indication of just how much we love what we do.

Whether we are planning a 15-person board dinner, a multi-day conference, or an interactive product launch, we transform each guest touchpoint to best represent our client’s brand, needs, and goals. We bring the expertise, resources, and relationships critical to making each program a success. We dream up big ideas and do not stop until they are a reality. We stay one step ahead of our ever-evolving industry, so when event day comes, we are ready to make our client shine.

Red Velvet Events

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