The CEO and founder of Red-Lined International Terence Marsh had a goal of competing on the world stage at Dakar and established the business in 2013. We set out into the international market in search of a race car and returned to South Africa disillusioned at what the market had to offer. We realised South Africa had so much to offer the international market and decided to start building our own race car.

2013 the VK50
2019 evolution to the VK56
2021 further evolution to the REVO

The business evolved to become one of the leading manufacturers of T1 Dakar race cars in the world today. Unlike the rest of the international market, we also provide the following: driver, and navigational and technical training to our international customer base.

Our target market
• Between 35- and 65-year-old
• Multi-millionaires
• Highly influential
• Decision makers
• Adventurers

Our customer base has successfully competed and finished all the major international cross country motor racing events around the world. In Dakar we have achieved 12 finishers from 14 starts for an overall finishing record of 86% of which our cars started 168 stages and completed 164 stages. This gives us a 98% stage finishing record.

Through our Celebrity programme we have hosted many celebrities over the years like Derek Watts, Leanne Manas, John Smith, Neil Tovey, Jonty Rhodes, Stefan Terblanche, Letshego Zulu, DJ Fresh, Jeannie D, Fanie de Villiers, Mark Tob, Natalie du Toit, Tony Ndoro and Barry Hilton, to mention a few.

We have more than 15 years of experience in providing corporate South Africa our unique and impactful form of corporate entertainment.

Our key focus areas
• Design and manufacturing of FIA/Dakar approved T1 race cars
• Providing strategy, management, and technical services to our international customer base
• Providing our international customers with a race car rental option whereby we offer them an ‘arrive & drive’ package within various locations around the world
• Providing driver and navigational training programs across multiple terrain (Dakar preparation)
• Providing Technical training and services to our customer base
• Providing exclusive corporate entertainment packages within the UAE and Southern Africa
• Participating in selected international events around the world
• Successfully managing a Celebrity Programme where we identify key celebrities with extensive impact/reach and then give them a bucket-list experience which is shared with all their respective media/fans/followers creating BIG and meaningful exposure!

Our differentiation is that our business focuses on the customers’ journey and adventure and not only on the end result.

Into the future we will continue to innovate around the new FIA and Dakar regulations to ensure that our international customer base is kept at the sharp end of our industry.

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