> Red Barrels-Their Mission Is To Create Unforgettable Experiences That Leave The Player’s Blood Running Cold

Red Barrels is the independent video game studio behind the immersive horror series Outlast, a series that has terrified more than 15 million players worldwide. Based in Montreal, Red Barrel’s core mission is to create unforgettable experiences that leave the player’s blood running cold.

Red Barrels was founded by veterans of the games industry Philippe Morin, David Chateauneuf and Hugo Dallaire in 2011. All three were looking to pursue more challenging work and push themselves creatively. To do so, they needed to move beyond the corporate structure of a major studio. This led them to establish a different, more horizontal structure, promoting more ownership on an individual level. From the beginning, the plan was to create a franchise that would push the boundaries of the current market.

In 2013, the team delivered exactly what it set out to do. Outlast was released to overwhelmingly positive reviews and remarkable financial success due in part to its innovative use of influencer marketing on YouTube. That year, the game would end up winning the Fan’s Choice award at the Canadian Video Game Awards. The franchise would later expand to include Whistleblower, a story expansion, a comic book series and an ambitious sequel, Outlast 2.

Today, Red Barrels is known as the master of the horror genre and the success story of the Montreal independent video game community. Moving forward, the Red Barrels team is working on expanding the Outlast universe and using their position to give back to the Montreal games community through various initiatives like Pixelles, empowering women in game development, and local consumer-focused events like MEGA.

Co-founder Philippe Morin Co-Founder

Hugo DAllaire Co-Founder

David Chateauneuf Co-Founder

Red Barrels

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