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Our mission at Recovery Centers of America (RCA) is to help 1 million patients enter a life of recovery by providing world-class neighborhood-based alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We believe that patients who get treated well—get well sooner and stay well longer. We treat the whole family in everything we do. Under our philosophy, we and the family are all in it together. Our team of experts guides the patient and family through treatment and lasting, meaningful recovery.


In 2014, with alcoholism and the opioid epidemic ravaging cities across the country, international expert Dr. Deni Carise, businessman Brian O’Neill, and a team of Philadelphia-based addiction and healthcare executives left their successful careers to form Recovery Centers of America. People struggling with addiction often had to travel great distances for subpar care at an exorbitant price to get well. RCA envisioned neighborhood-based care where patients experienced evidence-based, compassionate, individualized treatment that was also affordable, family-centered, and covered by insurance. Recovery Centers of America started building the finest treatment centers in the world in major cities in the U.S.

“Patients suffering from addiction have a disease. They deserve to be treated with dignity,” explains JP Christen, one of RCA’s founders. “We feel strongly that patients shouldn’t have to secretly fly across the country to be treated, and they shouldn’t have to go broke getting help for their disease.”

The RCA team created partnerships with most of the major insurers to provide in-network coverage of treatment so that it was affordable to families.

Our long-term treatment curriculum gives the patient time for their brain and body to be able to fight the strong cravings and stay in recovery. – Dr. Deni Carise

Dr. Carise, in partnership with the clinical team of RCA, formulated a rigorous treatment curriculum combining the 12 steps with all the latest evidence-based practices. Meanwhile, the real estate team began purchasing and redesigning buildings to make them look beautiful and inviting.

RCA now has six in-patient facilities serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, with three more residential centers in the pipeline. Patients can also receive treatment at five RCA outpatient facilities, and one Medication-Assisted-Treatment (MAT) center, with plans to open 40 more MAT clinics in the next three years. Each RCA facility is designed by healthcare and hospitality experts to create an environment that builds confidence and opens the hearts and minds of patients.

“Our long-term treatment curriculum gives the patient time for their brain and body to be able to fight the strong cravings and stay in recovery,” says Dr. Carise.

RCA treatment offers a full continuum of care including medication-assisted detox, residential in-patient care, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, general outpatient, medication-assisted-treatment, and social support programs.

RCA Rooms in Philadelphia


In 2016, RCA opened its first treatment center in Mays Landing, New Jersey, and treated nearly a thousand patients its first year. In 2017, RCA opened its largest treatment center in a Philadelphia suburb and, in just over a year, treated over two thousand patients. Recovery Centers of America at Devon features inpatient and outpatient services, treatment for co-occurring conditions such as eating disorders, and specialized treatment “neighborhoods” for firefighters, policemen, and EMTs.

RCA has changed the industry’s response time for people struggling to get treatment. The RCA Mission Center, staffed with trained treatment advocates, answers 15,000 calls a month from patients and families needing immediate help. Each call is answered 24/7/365 in ten seconds or less and RCA transportation to treatment is immediately dispatched. Patients are admitted to RCA facilities 24/7.
In 2018, Recovery Centers of America treated close to 10,000 patients. By the end of 2019, RCA expects to treat more than 25,000 people suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Even if all of RCA’s facilities and other local treatment providers were full, data demonstrates that it would take 100 years to treat everyone suffering from addiction in most of RCA’s markets.

The drug and alcohol epidemic continues to wage war on Americans of all age groups, killing over 150,000 people in 2017. Therefore, every RCA employee is focused on its mission to treat one million people, one neighborhood at a time.

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