Reco. Was founded in 2017 with only one dream, one application. one vision, and that is to create a tool to enhance and help financial advisors’ workflow. Our core vision expanding to providing solutions to complete the circle with, technology – Insurance and telecommunication to businesses and organisations.


The Reco. Platform today comprising of Insurance, Telecommunication, innovative mobile and web-based applications pertaining to Human resources, Labour Law, Security, Online e-learning, Email, and voice metrics solutions.



Adoctus_is an e-learning platform that can be white labelled for any school, tertiary institution, or industry anytime anywhere. Adoctus allows for the management and monitoring of all learners, students or employees on all levels using unique behavioural tracking. Education and training processes are elevated and become more cost-effective, and resources optimally utilized. It allows for interaction between teachers or facilitators and their class by means of a live chat. Adoctus is on the cutting edge of LMS, harnessing the latest blockchain technology and artificial intelligence while complying up to Level 3 PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

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Life Alert_Inspired and passionate about the safety and security of the people of South Africa and the lack of emergency and response deployed to an incident, in 2017 Life Alert was founded and it was time to establish a failproof and reliable product as well as Community Safety Units. We realized how vulnerable our people are and for this reason decided to develop a panic button system that will aid any person who are in need. We realised that a cell phone system is not the only answer because in a real crisis your phone might not be with you, or you won’t have the time to first open an application. The answer was in a button that is always with you or in your vehicle and then we created the Life Alert, Community Alert, Tourist Alert, Vehicle Alert and Bike Alert mobile solutions. For us, it is all about keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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Relimail _ is an affordable, cloud based, email solution that reduces the overall IT cost and digital footprint of company’s electronic data, ensuring a safer, more reliable way to communicate digitally. We have a goal and that is to make “email safer and more secure”. We do this by constantly researching and combating ways to protect users’ emails and finding new ways to secure data, cost-effectively, reliably, and innovatively. We believe in collaboration and together with our clients, we can solve critical issues effectively, ensuring a safer email environment.



SmartStaff_ a smart HR solution, is offering cloud-based HR service offerings that surpass competitor capabilities, often in quite a few aspects. To harness the essence of Smart Staff and why it is necessary to invest in a comprehensive solution the functionalities the application is offering need to be understood. The consistency and quality of your HR function will be driven by Smart Staff to ensure that Smart Staff become the reliable and
sought-after HR Solution of choice.

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Reco.Voice Metrics_Reco is a compliant, mobile application for both the intermediary and their clientele’s convenience. Record, store, retrieve and communicate all new business, clientele verbal instructions and communication. Conveniently managed from your mobile phone.

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