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The Recipico concept began over two decades ago.
We were idealistic young entrepreneurs trying to help businesses alleviate financial challenges and succeed. Our trade exchange startup soon grew to more than 700 business members, as we helped companies increase sales and reduce their cash requirements for purchasing.
Our small band of merry men and women actually helped improve a business member’s bottom line and offered owners a better lifestyle. It was a beautiful thing!
We were short on cash for our new startup, so we used the same solution we were providing our clients for our own business. By virtue of earning trade credit for sales, marketing, and business consulting services, we were able to pay for things with trade instead of cash.

It didn’t take long for our startup to become cash-flow positive, and we were living the life of entrepreneurs that earned much more than we did.
We earned trade to pay for vacations, dining & entertainment, and even construction & renovation services for our office. Fixed expenses such as office rent, furniture, office machines, supplies, and printing were also paid
for with trade. We even leveraged the trade we earned for legal and accounting services, and advertising to grow our business.
We were able to totally minimize the cash requirements needed to run a business, and we enhanced our standard of living without the need for cash!
There was also another, huge benefit: the relationships we developed with local businesses and service providers were uplifting and sincere, as the services we offered helped each other prosper.
You don’t need money to create value.
All you need is the ability to provide a service, or leverage excess unsold capacity into a new asset, and a desire to do something different that makes a lot of sense. Businesses that accept trade typically enjoy about a 15% increase in sales.
We were a small band of revolutionaries trying to fix a much larger problem.
We facilitated over $16 million in annual transactions for our business members. We received awards, and we shared the stage with business leaders at numerous conferences. And yet, it never felt like enough. No matter how much we did, it wasn’t fundamentally changing a system that left many businesses struggling to survive.
We thought that there must be a better way.
We moved on to the development of technology that was needed to transform the world into a collaborative network of cashless trade commerce. We believed it might provide a more sustainable solution for the issues that plague businesses, so we architected the tools to help break down the barriers to global trade.

Trade is extraordinary, but most people’s concept of trade and barter is a direct trade between two people or companies.
Arranging direct one to one trades can be pretty difficult. You may need the service of a company, but they may not need what you have. You might provide a service thinking that one day you’ll use the service of the other person, but often times, you end up being owed a service that you never use.
Multi-party trading is the ticket!
So here we are, launching Flippitt, a new trade commerce platform for global communities. We are blown away by the quality of people, companies, and exchanges the virtual trade commerce platform is attracting, and the range of possibilities they’re creating for commerce with each other.
Trade commerce offers a collaborative network of barter exchanges and hundreds of thousands of trading partners to easily facilitate multiparty trades and cross-border transactions using Trade Credit.
Trade credit isn’t cyber currency like Bitcoin that has severe volatility and nothing backing it, but rather it is a business network community currency that is backed by the products and services of all participating businesses in the network.
This community is still young, but it’s powerful and it’s growing every day!
Together, we’re about to realize a paradigm shift. Recipico’s gateway technology leverages crypto tokens to make them spendable online and at the point of sale.
We hope to help you make the shift to revolutionize your company, product or service with technology that will change the way people work, collaborate and transact business around the world.
The possibilities are endless, so welcome to our story and thank you for joining the evolution of business!


435 12th Street W
Bradenton, FL 34205

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