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Reboot Partners helps emerging growth company CEO’s to operate at scale and accelerate global growth—and advises Fortune 1000 executives and multi-national corporations on how to tackle their most challenging issues, by seizing emerging market opportunities, building global partnerships and development initiatives, and leading sustainable digital-transformation programs.

From behind-the-scenes CEO advisement to hands-on strategic-execution programs, Reboot helps leaders out-flank competitors and lead the next-generation of profitable growth through award-winning accelerator programs—including Dancing with Startups—which empowers organizations to tap into entrepreneurial and DEI ecosystems to co-create new growth initiatives, ventures, partnerships, M&A and ESG opportunities.

Named a Growth Guru” by Inc. Magazine and a Silicon Valley Serial CEO, Dean DeBiase has served in chief executive and chairman roles of more than a dozen emerging growth companies, accelerating them through market-making hyper-growth phases including global expansion, digital disruption, scaleup, turnaround, roll-up, spin-out, divestiture, acquisition and IPO—with dozens of successful exits. He has also been the CEO of Fortune 500 subsidiaries, and a director on public, private, family-enterprise, CVC, PE and VC boards, and is currently the Chairman of Revieve and PBC Linear.


The Reboot Institute is an Executive Educational platform and thought leadership advisory network that delivers in-demand training, education, workshops, keynotes, books, blogs, videos, media—as-well-as Forbes, Fortune and LinkedIn articles. We are passionate about delivering the next-generation of more impactful executive education to corporate executives, entrepreneurs, civic and government leaders, with programs in growth and innovation, leadership and strategy, technology and digital transformation, ESG & DEI initiatives, and corporate and family-enterprise governance.

Kellogg Corporate Innovation Programs at Kraft Heinz, Pepsi and Whirlpool

Kellogg Corporate Innovation Programs at Kraft Heinz, Pepsi and Whirlpool

“Unlike most classes that are taught 100% in the classroom, Dean takes Kellogg-Northwestern students world learning tour of global corporations, from the innovation center at Whirlpool, to the boardroom of United Airlines. Interacting with top executives about their market challenges, while observing the executional realities of their operating environment and culture, is a tremendously worthwhile experience for anyone interested in making innovation part of their career path.” – Luke Tanen, CEO Chicago Innovation


The Reboot Chronicles is a no-holds-barred podcast, hosted by Dean DeBiase, that has been bringing together CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and global leaders for over a decade. Listen in wherever you get your podcasts, for inspiration on how people have rebooted themselves -and- through behind the-scenes stories about their organization, how they are rebooting competitiveness, growth, innovation, technology, talent, culture, governance…and more.


The Reboot Fellows Program brings together emerging business, civic, government, academic, student and entrepreneurial leaders, to participate in unique programs designed to increase their civic engagement, expand their skills, broaden their experiences and shift or accelerate their career advancement, by participating in projects made available through the Reboot keiretsu of people, companies and partner organizations.

“Dean inspires audiences with cutting-edge secrets from the hybrid world where the Entrepreneurial Movement meets the realities of global business, covering everything from Rebooting your organization and boardroom to your innovation and career. Dean delivers keynotes with a motivating, entertaining and humorously fun punch, leaving audiences enlightened, energized and armed with Reboot Rules and Dancing with Startups insights they can use to impact their business and personal life.” – Julie Anixter, Tom Peters Company

Dean DeBiase, Chairman & Sampo Parkkinen, CEO – Revieve


With headquarters in Chicago IL and Helsinki FI, Revieve® is a personalized digital brand experience company partnering with global health, beauty and wellness brands, retailers and digital services providers. Revieve’s commercial-grade technology drives tangible business value for its partners by creating consumer-powered experiences across touchpoints—from online and in-app to in-store screens and social platforms

Revieve’s trusted Health-Beauty-Wellness Platform, features easy-to-use self-diagnostic modules that personalize search and shopping experiences by delivering consumers targeted products, services, and treatments.

The Revieve platform seamlessly integrates personalized shopping solutions, in-person and live-video consultations with health and beauty advisors, driving tangible business value by increasing consumer engagement, conversion and basket size across all digital in-store and online brand touchpoints.

Dean DeBiase, Chairman & Bob Schroeder, CEO – PBC Linear


Rockford IL based PBC Linear provides emerging industries and demanding applications with innovative solutions in linear motion products and services, through a range of precision engineered components and mechatronics delivered from a centralized United States manufacturing facility.

Our new Applied Cobotics brand has developed automated storage retrieval system which offers customers a collaborative automation tool for lights-out manufacturing and Factory of the Future Programs, with a mix of sophisticated digital technology, smart automation tools, and an upscaled workforce to the factory floor.

Under our Factory of the Future Program, Applied Cobotics represents the newest ideas in advanced manufacturing, with the next-generation of collaborative robots (cobots).

Cobots are another evolutionary branch on the automation tree. Their traditional definition is a robot that works side-by-side with the human workforce to maintain a higher level of production, product quality, and worker safety. For PBC Linear and other small to medium-sized enterprises, they represent a more cost-effective way to implement robotic automation over that of large-scale traditional robots.

At PBC Linear, this new upskilling of the workforce has been the product of new and engaging training programs that utilize augmented reality (AR). Through partners like Taqtile, MagicLeap, Hololens and other AR vision wear platforms, we are helping to create a factory that is more efficient and addresses talent gaps and labor shortages in manufacturing. PBC Linear has been able to increase production by 33% while maintaining only a 3% increase in labor.

Heading to 2030, there is an increasing demand for agility and flexibility that includes shorter jobs runs, faster lead times, and a wider variety of parts. PBC Linear will continue to adapt to changing needs with the latest in technological platforms and help other US manufactures lead the way by improving their global competitiveness.

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