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Treating Complex Disease




The human body is an amazingly complex system, reliant on each component to work together for us to lead healthy lives.One of the most fascinating and fastest- growing frontiers in human health is that of the human microbiome.

What if the power of the microbiome could be harnessed to provide new and innovative ways to treat complex diseases to meet unmet medical needs?It is this very question that we at Rebiotix, a Ferring company, set out to answer.


The ability to use the microbiome as a therapy is supported by a wealth of historical anecdotal data.

However, the past approaches used by healthcare providers and patients were uncontrolled and difficult to repeat, and, without validated data, broader patient access would remain limited.

Through extensive and rigorous scientific and clinical research, Rebiotix, in 2012, approached the US FDA with a standardized, stabilized microbiota-based drug technology platform that could be studied in clinical trials to treat disease.

If approved, the technology platform would be poised to be the first of its kind in the world that would be accessible to patients like any other medication.

Backed by safety data and quality control, the complexity of our gut communities could be provided consistently, eliminating the need for a ‘do-it-yourself’ last option.


Prior to our initial conversation with the Agency in 2012, there was no regulatory pathway for our type of product.

As we progressed through our clinical development, the FDA built new pathways to accommodate the growing interest in using the microbiome as a therapy. Now considered a live biotherapeutic, we are paving the way for a new therapeutic paradigm.

With careful clinical studies and sound science, the potential for this new therapy is vast.

Our company was built from the ground up in Roseville, Minnesota. To date, we have completed three clinical trials with an extraordinary team focused on improving patient lives.

Lee Jones, Founder, President & CEO

As of 2018, we were acquired by Ferring Pharmaceuticals and have joined forces with our new parent company to bring microbiota-based therapies to a wider audience.

Ferring is the first major pharmaceutical company to believe enough in the potential of the microbiome to acquire an industry leader.

Our microbial passengers may be small, but their impact on our lives is enormous.

At Rebiotix, with Ferring, we hope to transform the healthcare landscape by harnessing the power of the human microbiome and the only limit is our imagination.

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