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Their suite of products range from web-design services and hosting solutions to domain names and custom email

Headquartered in the Byward Market, the tech company’s mandate is both bold and simple: enable contribution in the world’s bravest communication space – the internet. Their suite of products range from web-design services and hosting solutions to domain names and custom email.

Ever growing, Rebel.com stands apart from even their largest international competitors thanks to stellar support, a brand swagger, and a deep commitment to serving their clients and community.

That commitment has landed them numerous awards, a celebrated corporate culture, and astonishingly positive client reviews (one customer even claims to have proposed marriage to a support agent).

Rebel staff lead some of the city’s most innovative and globally led events – from Random Hacks of Kindness, where Ottawa’s technologists and ChangeMakers ‘hack for good’, to Fuckup Nights YOW, the always-sold out monthly soiree where entrepreneurial and life failure is vulnerably shared and genuinely celebrated (often accompanied by a few beers).

Rebel.com supports numerous local non-profit and cause-driven groups with event space free of charge. The company’s commitment to enabling others to contribute doesn’t stop there.

Their mission to give everyone the tools required to contribute online means removing barriers and providing a thoughtful and accessible user experience along with collaborating to help people power their ideas. Rebel.com matches all staff donations to charitable organizations and runs a ChangeMaker program that gives low or no cost technology and guidance to non-profits, students and social entrepreneurs.

Through their community-focused initiatives and world-class customer support and product suite, Rebel.com is making the world of tech feel a little more human.


[email protected]
#201-377 Dalhousie Street, K1N 9N8 Ottawa, Ontario

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