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For the past 18 years, REAI has been a non-profit organization bringing together members specialized in automation, robotics and services from all areas of automation expertise and manufacturing niches.

As part of MEIE’s digital transformation offensive, we are pursuing our mission to stimulate collaboration between innovative companies as part of the acceleration of our Gearshub. The aim is to support manufacturers in the preliminary, risky phase of their first automated projects.

Democratizing the blue automation chain
Today, many companies want to implement automation projects, but don’t know where to start. Above all, they don’t know how to bring their project to fruition, and don’t know which suppliers they can trust to carry it out. The Gearshub enables manufacturers to avoid the pitfalls caused by lack of experience.

As soon as they enter the Gearshub, manufacturers are taken in hand by a neutral expert who will guide them through a 3-step transformation continuum. The journey begins with a S.M.A.R.T. Analysis, followed by a S.M.A.R.T. Matching phase with the right blue resource. To complete the process, our blue resource works with the manufacturer to produce a Preliminary Project Booklet (see the 3 stages of the continuum at the bottom of the page).

Promoting equipment manufacturers and local know-how
With our neutral decision-making tools and the proximity of our blue resources, there’s no longer any reason to carry out a project alone, with all the associated risks. Or to look for solutions abroad, when there is such high-performance automation equipment, manufactured and integrated by our great Quebec geniuses. They represent the largest pool of automation expertise of its kind in Canada.

By working together in 5.0 mode, where people are at the heart of the transformation, manufacturers and our blue automation resources will multiply eco-responsible innovations and create more circular value in the Quebec economy.

Accelerating the transformation of Quebec manufacturers
The Gearshub team and its leadership have set up a rapid transformation chain where manufacturers can begin their first automation projects after just 120 days of neutral support in collaboration with our blue resources.

Manufacturers can thus accelerate their process by a factor of three, compared with if they had carried out their first projects in solo mode. Thanks to this major innovation, time becomes The Key Variable in solving the productivity equation in relation to today’s and tomorrow’s workforce challenges.

Why do a SMART Analysis ?
To identify an automation project that will have a high impact in terms of value return and to present you with a price range for the targeted project, as well as the risk factors and benefits to be realized in relation to our S.M.A.R.T. Index.

Meet your ideal partner
In less than four weeks, you’ll meet three potential partners at our matchmaking sessions to validate who’s the ideal partner for your project, based on the challenges you face with our blue resources experience.

Validate your choice of bleue resource before entrusting them with your project !
In the project specification phase, you’ll have the opportunity to validate your affinity level and the expertise of the blue resource matched to your project team. Over an 8-week period, we’ll draw up the specifications, preliminary project design, budget, return on investment and project financing. Once your project brief is in hand, you’ll minimize risk while maximizing your chances of success with our proven and neutral support.


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