Behind Every Great Product There Is A Great Idea, And A Great Innovator.


In today’s landscape, product development is lengthy, confusing, and expensive, often leaving many great ideas grounded on the launchpad.

With 15 years of experience, RDM streamlines the product development process, creating unique product development pathways for its clients at the crossroads of Research, Development and Manufacturing.


Since the beginning, the RDM founders had always shared a passion for building things. For 7 years, the collective traveled across the United States to compete in product design and engineering competitions sponsored by their school district. After winning several national championships in engineering design the team began thinking:

What if there’s more to product design besides winning trophies? What if we helped other inventors create their ideas? Better yet, what if we started a company focused on researching, developing, and manufacturing products with them?

In 2015, the founders did just that, in a garage with two computers and a 3D printer. Working in the garage for two years, the team formed a bond and vision for success that followed them into their dorm rooms in pursuit of undergraduate degrees at the University of South Florida and the University of Florida.


During that first year in college, RDM partnered with a photographer to develop a product called the band.it. After securing a utility patent, managing a successful Kickstarter campaign, and winning the UF Big Idea and USF Fintech business plan competitions for band.it, RDM proved its business model as a unique product development company and scaled operations into a 3,500 sq.ft. office space in Gainesville, FL.

In the new space, the team continued on its path of innovation, creating two proprietary  manufacturing processes, called PIIM and SIIM. These new processes allowed  RDM  to  offer  clients  a  low-volume manufacturing service, a cost effective bridge between prototype and final product.

With the expansion of services, RDM refined its  business  model  to  utilize three calculated phases of product development: Research and Design, Prototype Development, and Low-Volume Manufacturing. These phases are tailored to clients seeking to bring  their  product  to market efficiently

This unique approach has allowed RDM to successfully develop products for a wide range of industries. From    consumer goods to medical devices, we focus on building products with our clients, instead of for them. Each project brings a unique set of challenges, and RDM has a diverse team that is united by a passion for solving tomorrow’s problems today.


We work with each client to identify key features that their product must have and create a list of design specifications that will help guide development. We then use engineering software to create 3D models of designs, not only to visualize the product, but also make critical design decisions Once the computer model meets specification, we use our industry connections to create an optimized plan for prototype development.


At RDM, we have a saying: A prototype is worth a thousand words. Whether the goal is to receive customer feedback or seek investment to move the project forward, being prepared  with a prototype sends a message of credibility to your audience. Our team works to accurately bring the design from the computer into the real world.


Here, the gap between a prototype and a product is bridged through supplier identification, production planning, and low-volume manufacturing. Along the path of traditional manufacturing, there are high costs associated with tooling, especially with set up of injection molded plastic products.

Using two proprietary in-house processes called PIIM and SIIM, we offer a low cost alternative to traditional high-volume manufacturing. This gives our clients the ability to pilot test their design and make adjustments prior to outsourcing production


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