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RB Advisory provides a holistic cyber risk management program—including compliance and cybersecurity—to help businesses of all sizes not only to manage an ever-changing cyber landscape but also to stay ahead of its curve. By being proactive in the fight against current and future cybersecurity issues, RB Advisory helps companies to reach a cybersecurity maturity level and protect their legacies as they grow.

RB Advisory came into being in 2015 when the Founder/CEO Regine Bonneau became tired of hearing “you have a great idea; you just need someone to give you an opportunity.” Bonneau realized that the only someone who would give her an opportunity was herself—hence the creation of RB Advisory.

RB Advisory had to become the change that it was seeking to be in the industry. RB Advisory’s great idea was to provide a holistic cyber risk management program that includes compliance and cybersecurity to help businesses manage the ever-changing threat landscape. This led Bonneau to create a platform that fosters a diversified team in order to help meet clients’ compliance and cybersecurity needs. With this platform, she is able to provide students with hands-on experience by teaming up with industry practitioners—as well as colleges and universities—to help students prepare for employment in the cybersecurity industry. She also strives to pioneer a path for women—especially all minorities—to embrace and join the industry and to create a voice for themselves by leaving a lasting impact.

RB Advisory is innovative in the way it combines compliance and cybersecurity to provide a customized solution to our clients that helps them meet both these regulations. We have a diverse team of industry practitioners, and we understand our clients’ needs; we align their cybersecurity and compliance initiatives with their business initiatives, which is key to their success. We focus on knowing their assets, business, current risk, direction, and resource constraints, and help them prepare for what is coming, such as new compliance regulations (worldwide), emerging technology, and new threats.

We remain engaged in the industry by taking part in thought-leadership initiatives, studying the risks of new technology, and helping set best practices for the future. We’re also involved in the conversation and implementation of emerging technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain, the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT), Modeling and Simulation, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. This prepares us to stay ahead of the curve, to better support our clients in meeting their business security initiatives, and to become an integral business partner for them as they innovate and prepare for the next era.

RB Advisory is looking to grow internally in the next two to three years by creating 25 to 30 additional new employment opportunities in Orlando, helping the city to keep its talented pool of students here to further the growth of the region. RB Advisory strives to have an impact on “bridging the gap” in diversity for the industry, helping more women enter the cybersecurity workforce. Our mission is to help companies reach a cybersecurity maturity level by being proactive in the fight against current and future cybersecurity issues and by helping businesses protect their legacies as they grow.

Orlando is known for government and military agencies, large corporations, real estate, technology companies, and construction—making it the place to be. RB Advisory strives to educate and support Orlando businesses of all sizes in understanding their specific industry compliance and cybersecurity regulations to ensure they meet and maintain those requirements. Securing their legacy is key to RB Advisory. After all, RB Advisory started in Orlando and we owe our success to our community here where we have built lasting relationships. Orlando needs to prepare for all aspects of the technological future from the growth of innovation to protecting itself with cybersecurity. RB Advisory is here to lead the way.

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