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Raken is a cloud-based SaaS solution for the construction industry that was developed with field workers in mind. The platform boosts productivity and safety by streamlining workflow processes such as daily reporting, time tracking, and safety management.

Prior to founding Raken in 2014 Kyle Slager, Raken’s CEO, worked at Brandes Investment Partners, a leading global value-based investment management firm, where he was responsible for investing more than $120 billion in assets under management.

In 2014 he decided to take a risk and start a tech company in the construction industry. Raken is now one of the fastest-growing startups in the construction industry, serving nearly 4,000 clients in 92 countries. Raken was developed to help bring modern technology to the construction industry.

After surveying hundreds of construction companies, it became apparent that the sector was under-serviced by technology and was in dire need of an innovative solution.

Raken provides construction firms with a platform designed for their end user in order to create happier job sites and better power business insights. Raken was recently named the top-rated mobile field operations solution for the construction industry.

Kyle Slage, Founder & CEO

With industry-leading adoption rates driven by the platform’s intuitive interface, Raken is the top choice for producing efficient daily reports and gathering insightful data from the field.


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