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Creates unique, comfortable and stylish clothing for kids

Dubbed as one of the nations “coolest kids brands” Rags creates unique, comfortable and stylish clothing for kids. Founder and CEO, Rachel Nilsson, has built the brand from her own basement to a multi-million dollar business in a matter of a few years. Her dynamic stretchy neckline has won the hearts of moms and kids everywhere.

Forget the snaps and fuss with regular kid’s clothing. Rags offers moms and kids a choice for clothing that can be worn for every activity. Rags have graced the pages of major magazines, the kids of influencers, celebrities and, most importantly to Nilsson, the closets and homes of everyday moms around the world.

After being featured on the popular, hit television show, Shark Tank, Rags has been on a fast track to growth and popularity. As Nilsson continues to lead a team of some of the industries best she reiterates a few things that have helped create the brand that’s loved today by so many

I wanted something…

1. FASHIONABLE. Who doesn’t like a welldressed little kiddo?
2. Had a comfortable FIT. I didn’t want my son
Harrison to look like he was wearing a box.
Everything he had just never fit his cute
little body.
3. That was super FUNCTIONAL. I say it all
of the time: Function over fashion. But the
RAG was perfect. It had no snaps, it was easy
on and off, and it looked amazing. Best of
both worlds.

These three things are the driving factors behind everything I like and there was nothing in the marketplace that had all three.

sewed the first Rag out of my husband’s t-shirt! It fit the bill. It was sooo comfortable for Harry. The patent-pending neck design made slipping it on and off a parent’s dream come true. I immediately shared the Rag with my instagram pals and the response was crazy. It started selling super-fast and I found myself sewing around 200 Rags every three to four days. People loved it as much as I did!

We were featured in the British Vogue twice. American Vogue included us in ‘What the Cool Kids Are Getting This Holiday Season: The Most Stylish Gifts for Ages 0 to Preteen.’ The Huffington Post nominated us for the ‘Top 15 Coolest Kid Brands in America.’ In 2016 we aired on ABC’s Shark Tank and were listed as one of the top 10 pitches of the season.

On the show, Rags received three offers from the Sharks. Shortly after that, we were featured multiple times in Forbes Magazine and have since been featured in US Weekly, Pop Sugar, Brit + Co, and more.

My goal is to be more than a cool clothing line and a cool brand. I hope to inspire moms, and future moms, to not sweat the small stuff, live in the moment, keep perspective, and follow your dreams. You only have one life to live, enjoy it!

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