Quinta Da Fonte

Quinta Da Fonte Business Ecosystem Is One Of Europe’s Leading Business Parks, Set Within An Attractive Landscaped Environment With A Unique Atmosphere, Focused On Delivering Excellence To Its Occupiers And Visitors And On Being An Active Member Of The Community.




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We have adopted the moto “Inspired people, Thriving companies”. We thrive by inspiring ourselves and others to excel at their work, to enjoy a better experience, and to thrive at personal and professional levels. When visiting Quinta da Fonte it is still possible to imagine it as a bucolic farm in the true meaning of the expression. The Quinta, where thousands of people currently work in modern office buildings, was once a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by fields. When it was launched in 1995, Quinta da Fonte was one of the first office parks to understand the need to connect both high quality real estate and ‘countryside’ surroundings.

 Today, Quinta da Fonte is home to some of the most prestigious international companies from many and diverse business areas: financial services, insurance, technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, engineering, advertising, telecommunications, to name but a few.

Two years ago, we embraced the challenge to transform Quinta da Fonte and elevate it to the level of excellence it deserves. Despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic, we have progressed with the rejuvenation and improvements to the Quinta da Fonte we are so passionate about and proud of.

When we embarked on this project, it was essential to address the problems inherited from years of fractured ownership, mismanagement and lack of drive, that led people to overlook how amazing Quinta da Fonte is as a business park.

Our focus was to identify the key areas that needed addressing; and then build a focused business plan, involving all stakeholders, implementing a revolution at all levels, innovating in large and small areas.

An invigorated and committed on-site management team started a wide program of refurbishment and upgrades, focussing on the key pillars of change: parking, mobility, sustainability, amenities and community. And much more will follow.

We are well advanced with implementation of the business plan. New ideas and inspirations come every month from our team and our stakeholders. The most satisfying aspect is seeing people and companies deeply enthusiastic about the transformation we are bringing to this business ecosystem, which reinforces their commitment to the park.

 Oeiras Valley has many compelling characteristics that make it the obvious choice for major corporate occupiers – skilled labour, a wide set of amenities and infrastructure, quality supply of office space, proximity to the beach and airport, and a business community engaged to innovate and improve.

Furthermore, it is strategically situated at the centre of the 5 main municipalities within the greater Lisbon area. So, for anyone analysing where people live and their commute times, Oeiras Valley is the most convenient location.


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